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How to Add Value to Your Home before Selling

Do You Ever Wonder How to Add Value to Your Home before Selling?

Selling your home is a potentially stressful and time-consuming process, made all the trickier because you will likely want to make sure that you get the best possible price for your property when you put it on the market.

Thankfully there are a number of strategies which will add value to a house, so here are just a few of the top steps to take to help maximise the potential of yours ahead of a sale.


How to Add Value to Your Home before Selling

How to Add Value to Your Home before Selling


Minor redecoration can have major benefits

If your decor is looking a little long in the tooth, sprucing it up is the cheapest, simplest and easiest way to both add value to your home and to make sure that you get interest from buyers in the first place.

Repainting rooms in neutral colours to cover up marked, peeling or otherwise unsightly walls, door frames and skirting boards is sensible.

You should also aim to carry out any small maintenance jobs that you have been putting off, since things like dripping faucets and creaky floorboards can make a property feel tired and in need of TLC, while a shipshape home will be a better prospect for people who want a turnkey property.

Of course you can visit Sell House Quickly to part ways with a property regardless of its condition, but no matter which route you opt for, even relatively basic levels of redecoration and maintenance will pay dividends in terms of the value you achieve.

How to Add Value to Your Home before Selling

How to Add Value to Your Home before Selling


Renovate the kitchen – How to Add Value to Your Home before Selling

If you do not mind spending a little more money and enduring additional disruption in your domestic environment, then a kitchen renovation is one of the most cost-effective changes you can make to add value to your home prior to putting it up for sale.

A recently renovated kitchen has been proven to appeal to the majority of home buyers, and you do not need to go all-out in terms of expense. For example, simply replacing dated cupboard doors so that they look modern, without even ditching entire units, can give the impression that you have spent far more on the renovations than is actually the case.



Revamp the bathroom – How to Add Value to Your Home before Selling

The bathroom is another part of the home which plenty of buyers would rather see in great condition, than have to face up to the prospect of ripping it out and starting over after they have moved in. This means that replacing older fixtures and fittings, or even doing something as comparatively uncomplicated as re-grouting the tiles to clear up dirt and mould, can go a long way to adding value without costing the earth.

Remember that small aesthetic updates are the most important in terms of influencing your home’s value, so if your bathroom looks good but your shower curtain is stained, this tiny detail might sour the experience for visitors; as such, aim to not overlook aspects like this.


Consider an extension – How to Add Value to Your Home before Selling

Last but not least, you should be willing to weigh up the prospect of extending your home with a view to extracting the optimal amount of value from it when you do decide to sell. Whether it is a loft conversion or a kitchen extension, any addition which gives you more space is guaranteed to push the asking price of your home higher.

Just bear in mind that you need to balance the costs of extending your home against the likely amount of value it will add; if the former is greater than the latter, then it is not worthwhile. In every instance, calculate costs carefully to establish whether the work you are doing is frugal or frivolous.


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