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How to avoid getting jet-lag

How to avoid getting jet-lag – lets take a look at some top tips


How to avoid getting jet-lagpin how to avoid getting jet-lag for later


How to avoid getting jet-lag – simple, effective tips

If you long to know how to avoid getting jet-lag then I am hopeful that at least some of these simple and effective tips will work for you. Like most of you, I absolutely love to travel and I also love coming home after a fabulous holiday but oh boy, I really do hate jet-lag.

It can spoil a vacation and make you feel simply exhausted and out of sorts on your precious holiday time, No one needs or wants that do they! 

Oh isn’t it such an unpleasant thing!



How to avoid getting jet-lag and who it effects

Jetlag is the traveller’s scourge. It strikes even the most seasoned of jet setters, especially on their first day in a new city.

Flying to any destination that is more than three time zones away will cause jet lag. You can feel tired and be unable to sleep at night. This is because of the disruption to your circadian rhythm, the daylight-affected body clock that controls body temperature, thyroid function, metabolism and sleepiness.

Travellers suffering from jet lag have altered sleeping patterns – unable to stay awake during the day and insomniac at night. Jet lag is expected whenever you travel; however, you can avoid its worst effects with the following tips.


How to avoid getting jet-lag



How to avoid getting jet-lag – Before flying:

Tips to help you avoid jet-lag that you can put into action before your flight. Have you tried any of these?



Your body can become dehydrated whilst travelling on a plane, thousands of feet up in the air.

Drink plenty of water and juices at least 24 hours before your flight. Avoid drinks with caffeine such as soda and coffee. As tempting as it may be, refrain from drinking alcohol in-flight, as alcohol dehydrates your system, it can also make you sleepy and irritable which is not a great way to start your vacation is it!


Dose up

It will help if you take vitamins A, C and E before your flight. Zinc and selenium may also help reduce jet lag.

There is also a homoeopathic product called “No Jet Lag” that can help reduce the effects of jet lag. Melatonin, often used for its sleep-inducing properties on flights, can also be taken to prevent jet lag, if a precise dosage plan is followed.



How to avoid getting jet-lag


How to avoid getting jet-lag – In-flight measures:

How to avoid jet-lag by taking some in-flight measures. Do you do any of these things?

Circulate and stretch

On a long haul flight, it is essential that you get out of your seat for walks around the cabin. Walking and keeping your muscles moving helps circulation and reduces the risk of deep vein thrombosis.

You can also stretch out in your seat, moving your feet and arms around to stop cramping. I find this helps me feel less lethargic too and less stiff and this can only be a good thing!


Adjust to the new timezone

As soon as you board the plane, start living in the new time zone of your destination.

Set your watch to the time of your destination city. Eat during dinner time, even if it might technically still be lunch, then sleep during the night hours even if the plane is still flying in daylight. This will give you a running start in getting used to the new time zone when you land.

Such a simple but highly effective tip for helping you adjust.


Sleep tight

To effectively combat jet lag, your body needs sleep to reset its circadian rhythms. Bring ear plugs, sleep masks and travel pillows to aid your sleep.

It may help if you engage in your normal before bed routine, such as having a hot cup of chocolate, brushing your teeth and reading, before attempting to go to sleep.

Wear comfortable, loose clothing and bring a pair of soft socks to wear onboard – planes get colder the higher they ascend into the atmosphere.

Some travellers advocate taking a mild sleeping pill to combat jet lag. While this can be effective, there is a risk of blood clots, so be wary of this option. Melatonin is a herbal sleeping pill which has been advocated as a way how to avoid getting jet-lag.


How to avoid getting jet-lag – On location:

Sun worship

When you arrive at your destination city, spend at least fifteen minutes outside in the sun.

For this reason, experts from Harvard Medical School recommend catching flights than land during daylight hours, as it helps you to avoid jet lag. You can also do some light exercises in the morning or evening, which helps to wake you up and improve blood circulation as well as muscle elasticity.


Stay up

Fight the urge to go bed early and stay awake for as long as you can that first day, then go to bed confident that your jet lag will be banished by the morning after a good nights sleep.

Staying up late will ensure you are tired out by night’s end, but it will also help to reset your body clock.


How to avoid getting jet-lag



So this is our how to avoid getting jet-lag checklist. I would love to hear what you do to prevent it. And do you suffer from it? I’d love to know how it impacts you if you do.

You can see more of my great travel content over at my blog Bukit.co


How to avoid getting jet-lag


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