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How to be a fashion minimalist

How to  be a fashion minimalist, reducing your eco-footprint and evolving your style in the process

Dressing like a minimalist is the new vogue. Minimalist individuals pull off the chicest of styles with the least amount of ornamentation. “Keeping it simple” might be the key factor, but simple can also be boring. Minimalists manage to make the simplest looks gorgeous and stylish. No wonder everyone wants to dive into minimalist fashion these days.

So, how do you keep the simple from being boring? With the following tips, you will manage to create that perfect minimalist look, simple yet chic.


fashion minimalist


1)     Layers for a fashion minimalist

This technique can be used best during the colder seasons, i.e., autumn and winter. You can create an elegant look just out of a few simple layers. For instance, match a pair of dark coloured trousers with a lighter coloured cardigan. Then add another layer to it by draping a scarf across your neck, and yet another by covering it up with a long overcoat. Outdoor wear can be amazingly useful when it comes to layering – the key is not to go too heavy.  The simple yet classic look is ready.


2)     In Style for a fashion minimalist

The materials and cut of clothes you wear matter just as much as the colours and fabric. Find the style of clothes that accentuate your body and your curves the best in order to become a fashion minimalist who looks amazing! 


3)   A Fashion Minimalist Keeps it Simple

Simplicity is the key to minimalist fashion. Don’t overdo it by wearing gaudy jewellery or accessories with your simple outfit. Keep it as simple as you can a skeleton watch would be perfect 


Fashion Minimalist

4)     Monochrome Fashion Minimalist

Having a monochrome or a solid colour as the base of your wardrobe and for most of your outfits, can have a wonderful effect on your style. Black, white, blue, brown are some colours that make excellent choices for a minimalist wardrobe.


Fashion Minimalist


5)     Declutter your closet on your journey to becoming a fashion minimalist

Choosing minimalist fashion means getting rid of all the extra stuff in your closet that isn’t compatible with your neat and elegant look. Declutter your closet and throw out bling accessories, flashy clothes and everything else that doesn’t go with your minimalist style. You could also donate these clothes to people in need.


6)     The art of Contrast

Minimalist fashion is all about contrast. When you switch to monochrome, the only way you can keep it from being boring is by creating a colour contrast in your outfit. For instance, you can wear a pair of black trousers with a simple white shirt and a black blazer, then pair it with matching shoes and a handbag. The sharp contrast between black and white will make sure you stand out in a crowd.


7)     Simple but Creative fashion minimalist

When you first switch to minimalist fashion, go for the simplest of looks, like a little black dress and a pair of heels, or a knit top and a pair of denim. Then accessorize your simple outfit creatively, for example with jackets, shrugs and scarves, and spark it up.

See how to update your look for nighttime and be the ultimate fashion creative.


fashion minimalist


8)     Oversized is a good look how to be a fashion minimalist

Wearing oversized clothes is a fundamental part of a minimalist style. Going oversized means you give off the look of wearing more while actually wearing less. Pair a set of denim with oversized, comfy, graphic t-shirts to pull off a classic minimalist look.


9)     Quality over quantity

When you opt to have a minimalist wardrobe, it means you will be having lesser pieces of clothing and you will be wearing the same pieces again and again. This is why it’s important to focus on the quality of the fabric while shopping, making sure that the material is resistant to frequent wear and wash. How to be a fashion minimalist is all about quality over quantity.


10)  Clothing Staples for a fashion minimalist

Make sure you have at least one piece of each general clothing type in your wardrobe as staples. For example, you could keep two to three shirts, a good pair of jeans, a few blazers, a little black dress, a trench coat and some scarves as the staples in your closet.


How to be a fashion minimalist

How to be a fashion minimalist

11)  The Secret of the Sleeves

When you have a minimalist wardrobe, you are prone to repeating shirts or jackets since you have fewer items in your collection. However, you can change your look with the same shirt or jacket, by simply changing the style of your sleeves. Wear them down or roll them up, and you instantly change up your look even though you are wearing the same article.

These few tips on minimalist fashion are good to get you started on your journey. Whatever be the look, flaunt it with confidence and become a trendsetter and a fashion minimalist


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