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How to be more security aware at Christmas in 3 simple steps

Do you wonder how to be more security aware at Christmas

How security aware are you?

Home security peaks in concern for me over the summer months when we are on holiday. It rises again over the Christmas period when I know any would be burglar will be aware we have a stash of Christmas gifts in our home.

My fears are not unfounded,  thefts and robberies have been seen to surge to over 20% during the Christmas period. Wow.

We all need to take care to ensure our homes are well protected.

It is so important that you both secure and monitor everything you value and doing so really doesn’t need to be complicated.

Take a look at these 3 very simple solutions for keeping your home and your belongings safe.


how to be more security aware at Christmas


How to be more security aware at Christmas


Don’t leave goods on show

Leaving curtains wide open whilst you are out and a mound of presents under the tree is just advertising the fact you have a whole host of treats in your home. Do shut your blinds or keep your gifts out of sight. It just takes a little thought to do this but it could make all the difference to you having a happy and safe Christmas.


Consider a security camera

Home security cameras, surveillance & wireless ip cameras can all secure and monitor whilst you are not there. This brings both peace of mind and a good level of protection. Time2 security cameras come in a range of options,  both indoor and outdoor and with a myriad of different technologies.  Wiring and installation can put people off installing security camera but these WiFi ip cameras are extremely simple to set up. There really is no expertise has required These plug and play wireless security camera systems only need a power source and a WiFi connection. You can be up and running in no time


Don’t advertise that you are out on social media

You absolutely do not want to boast on social media how you have the new iPhone…or that everything is wrapped and under the tree and you will be back to open it in a few more days. The internet is a wide open space and many people have access to information you share there. Do not give would be burglars the heads up that you have stuff to steal. If you want to share a trip you have taken with photos do so AFTER you have returned home, making it clear you are now back. Likes are not worth the risk!


I hope these simple on  how to be more security aware at Christmas help you stay safe. You might like at also take a look at my post on common home issues



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