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How to Be More Stylish: 11 Simple Tips for Men

Men’s fashion often gets overlooked in the shadow of the colossal womenswear market. But men’s interest in looking good is on the increase, with the menswear market worth an incredible $579 billion in 2020.

Putting together a stylish men’s look doesn’t have to be a struggle! There are so many ideas out there to give you inspiration.


How to Be More Stylish


How to Be More Stylish

Want to learn how to be more stylish? Check out these top style tips. 


  1. Get the Fit Right

One of the biggest mistakes men make when it comes to fashion is getting the right fit. Did you ever see stylish men wearing an ill-fitting item? Didn’t think so. 

When it comes to fit, don’t go too oversized and baggy. A suit jacket or trousers that are too big look terrible.

In the same vein, don’t buy items that are too tight either. You want shirts and t-shirts to sit well across your shoulders and not be stretched across your chest. 

Not sure about suiting? Get a tailor to make you a suit made to measure. There’s nothing more stylish than a well-cut, well-fitting suit. You won’t regret investing in it.


How to Be More Stylish

  1. Learn Which Colors Suit You 

Not all colors suit all skin tones. Spend some time looking at which colors work best for your skin tone before you go shopping for a new wardrobe. 

If you aren’t sure which colors look best on you, stick to a more neutral clothing palette. Bright colors suit fewer people and can be hard to pull off. You can always add in more colors as you get more confident about what suits you. 

Get advice from store assistants about the colors which look best on you when you go shopping. Sometimes the lighting in stores can make it difficult to see whether or not an item looks good. Try to find some natural light to test new colors. 


  1. Invest in Your Shirts

Good shirts are a wardrobe staple for fashionable men. If you have some great shirts, you can wear them for just about any occasion. 

Go for slim-fitting shirts over baggy, oversized shirts. You don’t have to wear shirts alone either. Try them out as a layer over a t-shirt. 

Using layering always adds a more stylish quality to a look. 


How to Be More Stylish


  1. How to Be More Stylish: Attention to Detail

When it comes to fashion, the devil is in the detail. One of the best fashion tips you’ll ever learn is to pay attention to those details! 

A stylish belt, scarf, hat, or watch can make or break an elegant look. Be intentional about the details you add; if you put a look together and then wear a ten-year-old backpack you had in college, you’ll ruin the outfit! 

Choose details that elevate an outfit and make it look sophisticated, whether that’s a chic leather bag or a pocket square in your suit jacket. One thing you’ll always notice about stylish men is that they have taken care of the details. 


  1. Quality Over Quantity 

Nobody wants clothes and footwear that falls apart. If you buy cheap things, they’ll look cheap and won’t last. 

Want to elevate your look? Then save up to invest in timeless pieces that are of good quality. Instead of buying ten $5 t-shirts, buy one $50 shirt; less is more when it comes to fashion.


How to Be More Stylish


  1. Choose Stylish Footwear

Every outfit needs complementing with great shoes; whether you dress down smart trousers with sneakers or go for smarter shoes with turned-up trousers. Footwear is the finishing aspect of your look; there’s no excuse for bad shoes!

Wearing sneakers is a sure-fire way to up the style credentials of your outfit. Not sure which style of footwear suits you? Get the facts on different shoe styles. 


  1. How to Be More Stylish – Don’t Over Accessorize 

A significant error you can make when it comes to dressing well is wearing too many accessories. Did you ever see a stylish guy with a ring on every finger, a headscarf, a hat, bracelets, a bag, an umbrella, and six necklaces? 

Only someone like Jonny Depp can get away with over-accessorizing! Keep your accessories to a minimum if you want to look stylish. You can create a focal accessory and build your outfit around it. 


  1. Wear Timeless Outerwear 

Winter is the perfect chance to show your style credentials. How? With a chic, well-fitting coat. 

Whatever your preferred outerwear style, try to buy something that lasts and isn’t specific to a particular year. That way, you can wear it again and again and always look effortlessly stylish. 


  1. Pay Attention to Personal Grooming 

The clothes you wear aren’t the only thing that contributes to looking good. You should spend some time looking after your personal grooming too. 

Keep facial hair neat and take regular visits to the barber. Remember, looking stylish is all in the details after all.


  1. Don’t Forget Your Underwear 

Underwear with cartoon characters and silly slogans on them should be a thing of the past. If you have a stylish outfit on and a pair of childish underwear happens to pop over the waistline, it can ruin your stylish allure.

Stick with simple, well-made underwear that’s functional to complete your look.


  1. Don’t Buy into Trends 

Trends come and go and are often a waste of your well-earned money. Stick with classic pieces that will last rather than getting sucked into the promotion of trends. 

Scrap the Slogan T-shirts and random accessories that will no longer be in vogue next season.


Buy Items You Love

At the end of the day, if you follow these tips and don’t feel comfortable in what you’re wearing, then it’s not right!

Want to know how to be more stylish? Wear clothes and footwear that you love and feel good in. Confidence is the first step towards being more stylish! 

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