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How to Become a Better You – Best Person Possible in 50 Ways

How to Become a Better You – let’s take a look.

Today I have 50 insanely easy ways to become a better you and the best person you could possibly be.


How to Become a Better You


 “There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.” — Aldous Huxley


become a better you



How to Become a Better You

Sure we are all good enough as we are but many of us wish to make the most of this life and be the very best version of ourselves.

Many of you have even embarked on that journey and be totally satisfied with where you are today , while some of you might be stuck, unsure about how you should proceed.

If you are one of those who are stuck on their way to personal growth, this article is just for you – how to become a better you in 50 easy ways 


How to Become a Better You

How to Become a Better You


But, first, let’s understand why it’s necessary to become a better you?

So why strive to be a better you? Personal transformation includes physical, mental and emotional growth, which ultimately helps us to be a better version of ourselves. Further, personal growth brings about emotional maturity and fulfillment and allows us to realize our true potential.

In today’s world, we are often so swamped with work, stress and toxicity that we forget how to live freely and happily.


How to Become a Better You


Take the time to become a better you 

By taking the time to invest in ourselves and becoming a better you, we make a conscious effort of shaking off all the negativity that has been gripping us and step into a lighter state of mind. It’s important to be content with what we have, but we should also improve ourselves wherever we can

Don’t make comparisons with what others have. Instead, be your own competition and invest your efforts in trying to outdo yourself be a better you ffor yourself – not to out do someone else

So, with that in mind, let’s discuss some of the best ways you can use to transform yourself this year.


Become a better you every day!

“Every morning, we get a chance to be different. A chance to change. A chance to be better.” — Alan Bonner



How to Become a Better You


Here are 50 insanely easy ways to become a better you 

1)   Eat a healthy and better you breakfast because it’s the most important meal of a day

2)   Practise mindful meditation

3)   Drink 3-4 litres of water every day

4)   Maintain a gratitude journal. Be too blessed to be stressed

5)   Exercise regularly for mental and physical health. You know it IS hard to get going I agree entirely but oh how absolutely amazing do we all fel after. Chase that healthy buzz folks it is always worth it. 

6)   Cleanse out toxic people from your life and share your bliss with the right people. This is more important than almost anything else. It will take courage. it will have HUGE impact


Become a better you 

7)   Clean your house

8)   Create a daily schedule – on e that will keep you on track and easily and quickly become a seamless routine so you now longer feel overwhelmed by life and your to do list 

9)   Read at least one book in one month – I have 100 books to read before you die list here if you are looking for inspiration!

10) Hug those you love – a lot  it will help you feel calm and is a great way to be kind to yourself




Be Positive about being a better you 

11)  Recite positive affirmations daily to become a better you. Affirmations may sound c glib but they are, truly, scientifically proven to work so please do give them a try. Go on. Start the new you off with some great words directed in your own direction. Words are super powerful.

12)  Let go of your past to be a better you in the present. This may take therapy, resolution and huge effort. You have to do this if you want freedom

13)  Do not settle for anything less than what you deserve – that’s how to be a better you. Keep this in mind in every area of your beautiful and precious life

14)  Spend a couple of hours without your phone every morning and every afternoon – more minimalist living suits everyone mental health

15)  Practise self-care and self-love

16)  Learn something new, like a new skill or language it will help you glow with confidence

17)  Be kind to others. Always be kind to others and always, always be kind to yourself too because you are so very special and unique and you the universe has declared have a right to be here and are worthy of love.


Knowing this is a great step on the pathway to becoming a better you. 


How to Become a Better You


Even more ways to become a better you 

18)  Follow motivational people on social media. Listen to motivational music on your stream. Fill your life with motivation. Ignore FOMO  strive instead to be your best self..be inspired but don’t emulate, be motivated but do not feel you have to copy/ You are fabulous…be YOUR best not someone elses mirror image. 

19)  Create a budget for your finances

20)  Laugh freely every day. Have lots and lots of free fun

21)  Practise journaling. Make a happiness journal

22)  Set aims and move towards achieving your goals. Aim the arrow and that put all your energy into pulling that bow.  Be productive

23)  Hone your time management skills this will enable you to get so much more done and stay feeling calm and in control.

24)  Always challenge yourself to move forward and be better

25)  Choose happiness every day

26)  Make your loved ones feel special and taken care of. Have great sex too


Better You


Important steps to become a better you 

27)  Get 7-8 hours of undisturbed sleep each night.

28)  Go to a therapist for your mental well-being if needed

29)  Don’t be afraid to take risks

30)  Don’t be afraid to ask for what you deserve.


How to become better

31)  Stop comparing yourself to others and let go of jealousy

32)  Be polite and kind to your co-workers

33)  Learn your self-love language

34)  Solve puzzles and other brain boosters


How to Become a Better You

How to Become a Better You


More tips on how to become a better you 

35)  Spend quality time with your friends and family

36)  Limit your television time

37)  Travel and explore

38)  Do not stop learning and growing

39)  Create a morning routine

40)  Don’t miss your doctor visits and check-ups


Become the best you 

41)  Spend time acquiring a new hobby

42)  Practise replacing negative thoughts with positive ones

43)  Look for silver linings in a bad situation


become a better you


44)  Spend time in nature embrace it, devour it and immerse yourself in it, nature can be so very healing

45)  Give back to your community – live a meaningful life

46)  Avoid rumours and internet gossip – live a life of peace

47)  Eat balanced meals throughout the day,, food can be very calming and make you feel just so much better. Why not try my superfood salad recipe

48)  Listen to motivational audiobooks and podcasts

49)  Chase your passions and dreams

50)  Be content with what you have. This is really important ..value and appreciate and relax into the now. It is fine to have goals and to work hard and drem but oh it is important to be content with the now.


become a better you

become a better you


How to become a better you – what you will need

Lastly, remember, cultivating these habits will take time, dedication and willpower. It is important to stay patient throughout the process and create one new habit at a time until you have mastered all of them.

These habits are essential for your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

By being a better you, you will reward yourself with a happier state of mind. And if you are someone who has suffered from depression or anxiety, these habits can help you overcome them as well.


better you


Quotes to help you become a better you 

Words of wisdom can really help you on the quest to self-improvement . Take a look at quote collections below I am sure you will find them inspirational – words can be a powerful guide

be kind to yourself quotes

Quotes about self-respect



How to Become a Better You

become a better you


Become A better you  – you deserve your attention

 Examining who we are is always worth it so I do hope you have enjoyed reading this and that it has proved a fruitful experience for you and that you learn form it and grow as a result. If you have enjoyed it please consider sharing it on social media so it reaches even more people,

I really hope that these tips help you on your way to becoming a better you.

Do you have any other tips that you think will be helpful for everyone reading this article who is on a quest to be come a better you (them!)?

Feel free to drop them in the comments below  – it is in sharing that we best spread well being and positivity and wow this truly van make lurch a big difference to our lives. 

become a better you


I always love to hear form you and will endeavor always to reply to all comments about how to become a better you



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