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How to brighten your space

Today – How to brighten your space

In a home, I have always found, the biggest impact can be made by the smallest changes.

You really don’t have to go down the route of new furniture, expensive art work and modern flooring, replacement windows or shiny, up to date appliances.

Small touches can brighten and transform a home and make it interesting, fresh and inviting.


How to brighten your space


A hanging basket by the front door will make me smile every time I approach a house.

A lovely fragrance from a discreet air freshener such as cotton or vanilla can also lift a home.

A bright and blooming bunch of flowers, perhaps vibrant gerbera, roses, lilies or a few large sunflowers, can add colour vibrancy and life to a room.


How to brighten your space


How to brighten your space

Clean rugs and polished wooden floors are always inviting and make a house look much loved. New bedding, with a passing nod to the season’s trends, can make a home look modern and stylish. All these small touches really make an impact on a home and just require a little effort and a little outlay.

We are in the process of doing our home up to sell and are really trying to enhance and brighten it. So far, towards this end, I have taken down pictures, de cluttered wildly (yes I even hired a skip) we have had the house all painted white and I have cleaned, cleaned, cleaned.

Now I am focussed on the best accessories to add brightness and a feeling of modern cool to our home.

Cushion covers are a great way to achieve this and I’ve been browsing online for some inspiration (I found some great ideas at simplycushions.com.au).

I love accessories that are bright like yellow cushions. Yellow is such a fun and sunny colour and always makes me feel a space is happy. When combined with geometric patterns it looks sophisticated too and works a treat to brighten a block coloured sofa.

brighten your space with cushion covers



Grand Lime Yellow Chevron


In our home, we have red block coloured sofas and adding yellow cushions would give a real zing to the room.

As well as colour, bold monochrome designs can also pack a stylish punch.



The added benefit of on-trend monochrome is that it works almost anywhere and with any colour.

Cora Illusions

Mixing up monochrome patterns makes a bold statement and adds a cool dimension to a room.

I am personally a little wary of patterns on walls or carpets as I know I can quickly tire of seeing the same patterns. Introducing patterns into a room through cushion covers is a great alternative that is simple to refresh.

You can brighten a room inexpensively and cushion covers can be replaced so much more easily and quickly than flooring and wall coverings!


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