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How to build a personal brand on any platform: Ins tagram, LinkedIn, Tempted..

Everyone understands that branding is essential for a business, however, what some don’t realise is that personal branding is just as important. For anyone trying to make it as a content creator of any kind, having a strong personal brand will play a key role in growing wider, engaged audiences and a successful career.. Whether you are trying to reach more readers on LinkedIn, attract more viewers on your Temped.com live streams or increase your following as a micro-influencer on Instagram – keep on reading, because the below tips apply to any platform. ‘


build a personal brand on any platform


Know yourself

Putting yourself out there as a content creator can be daunting, especially with a lot of competition around. So, knowing exactly what you bring to the table will help you create a strong personal brand that is your own. Think about your own strengths as well as weaknesses. Find what makes you special – perhaps you have a unique skill or are knowledgeable in a certain area.. Once you understand your own value better, you will be able to market your personal brand more effectively too. 

Understand your audience

Just like understanding yourself, understanding your target audience is incredibly important in order to know how to connect with them. Do your research, look at your current data insights and figure out exactly who your viewers, readers or followers are. Is there a specific age group / location that dominates? Or perhaps a particular interest in something that brings them all together? Having this information will allow you to create the right content to engage your audiences as well as attract more similar people. 

Be consistent

Consistency is certainly key when it comes to creating content. Unfortunately, for most creators, success doesn’t happen overnight. You may find yourself working incredibly hard at the beginning and still feel like you are hitting a wall at every turn. However, it is important that you don’t give up and keep on going. Being consistent and regular with high-quality content will help you get noticed sooner!

Stay genuine

Once you do start to gain a bit more interest, it is of paramount importance that you stay genuine with what you do. Many creators get overwhelmed with attention and start changing their behaviour or forgetting their own values. This is especially relevant when receiving substantial offerings from brands that you don’t genuinely believe in. Remember, your audience is there because they like you for who you are and will notice when you are being dishonest. 

Keep on improving

It’s not just about building a successful brand but also about maintaining it long-term. Therefore, staying relevant for your audiences and regularly improving your content will be vital. Surround yourself with relevant information, check out fellow creators with similar audiences and read up on new and better ways to engage your audiences. For instance, if you create video blogs on YouTube, you can always learn better video editing skills, purchase more props, invest in higher-quality filming equipment and so on. 

Final word

Personal branding requires just as much time, effort and dedication as marketing a business. To grow audiences that are not only large but also active and engaged, you must do your research, be consistent and always strive to get better at what you do!

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