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Simple Ways to Calm Down -100 Interesting Ideas on How to Calm Down

Simple Ways to calm down – how to calm down is something we all need to know.
We are always looking for simple ways to calm down, aren’t we?  We all know it is from a place of calm that we think more clearly, are able to more fully understand situations and emotions and that it is from a place of calm that better choices can be made.
But what they need to know is how to relax, how to chill out and let those emotions settle. Knowing a myriad of ways to calm down is a huge asset in life  and really helps  make the route to happiness clearer.

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Teach kids simple ways to calm down with Create Your Own Calm

I am so delighted to tell you my brand new activity book Create Your Own Calm for kids, is out now. I’m so excited. Published by  Harper Collins it has 50 fun and creative activities to help children, aged 6-12,  manage those big emotions such as fear and anxiety, anger and stress.
Each topic includes an inspirational quote and the science behind it, The book is beautifully illustrated and the activities are diverse, accessible and really entertaining. We have yoga and bee breathing, bread making and positive thinking, massage and making worry dolls and so much more.
It’s a real pic a mix of activities for kids to try and to find out what works for them in terms of ways to calm down.
It’s such a fun and helpful book and it gives kids emotional self-help tools for life.
simple ways to calm down

Role modelling simple ways to calm down is key!

As with all aspects of parenting, it is so important that we role model to kids ways in which we want them to behave. If we can show them ways to calm down through taking these actions themselves they are far more likely to follow suit.

I know how I like to relax, books, baking and walking plus a little photography but what about other people what works for them. I have compiled a list of 100 ways to calm down because I was intrigued and was seeking inspiration. I hope you find these ways to calm down inspiring too!


How to Calm down – What is calm?

If we want to know how to calm down we need to look at a definition of what calm is

Calmness is the mental state of peace of mind being free from agitation, excitement, or disturbance. It also refers to being in a state of serenity, tranquillity, or peace.- Wikipedia


simple ways to calm down


Simple Ways to Calm Down – 100 interesting ideas

Putting a favourite song on with headphones and closing my eyes to shut everything out for that few minutes helps me.
A nice long walk somewhere very peaceful, like the woods is a great way to clear my mind and calm my anxiety. We pack a picnic and take the dogs, and then stroll off into nature, spotting flowers and wildlife.
Hug yourself – it can help relax your central nervous system and help you feel calmer. Wrap your arms around yourself, close your eyes and breathe deeply.
We have a hammock set up in our trees next to our house. It’s the perfect place to get away from whatever is bothering us, and looking up into the trees with the wind rustling the leaves helps us reconnect with nature. And the gentle rock of the hammock is so calming.


how to calm down


Simple ways to calm down?  It’s all about relaxing your mind


I love to walk up somewhere high in the hills and just sit and breath. Sometimes all you can hear are the sheep and the bees buzzing around. It’s hard to not be calm when you’re high up and close to nature.



I have two methods to calming down – one is to walk away and take myself off for a walk. If I can’t do that I like to take myself off to some quiet space and take 5 or 10 minutes to do some meditation. I find putting that space there really helps



The most calming thing for me is breathing in for 7 counts and breathing out for 11 counts. I also name things I can see, touch, feel and smell. It really works!
Make a cup of coffee/tea/whatever and go and stand outside in the garden or even in the doorstep for a few moments and take deep breaths of fresh air. Can change my whole day. Www.Coffeecakekids.Com
I’ve found tapping, or Emotional Freedom Technique, helps when I’m feeling extremely stressed or upset. Taking long deep breaths calms me down in a stressful situation when I feel myself about to react in a way I might regret.
how to calm down, simple ways to calm down
pin simple ways to calm down for later ….


Simple ways to calm down with creativity

It’s definitely water – either being on it 🚣‍♀️ , in it 🏊‍♀️ or near it ! The older I get the more I feel the need to relocate to a house near the water with a view! Also for me, it’s being creative – currently crochet 🧶!
Jess Apps

Journaling! It’s a fantastic way to identify, clarify, and process triggers and feelings, and is wonderful for self-care. It aids in reflection and self-acceptance , and it’s also a form of mindfulness, which facilitates calm.



how to calm down


Winding down

I actually like to write to calm down. I gave three boys under 5 including twins and the “threenagers” wind me up a treat on a regular basis drawing on the walls, fighting etc. If I can spend an hour writing I feel like a different person. I’ve realised this and how much it helps to improve my mood, so try to do it as often as I can.


I try and do a bit of yoga each day. Sometimes I only manage 15 minutes and sometimes I can do much more. It has an almost cleansing effect on my mind, like having a dip in cool water. Www.ricecakesandraisins.co.uk

I take my camera and head for the hills to do some photography. I find taking the time to look around for something interesting to photograph, finding focus, framing the shot and then taking the photograph focuses my thinking and helps me appreciate what’s around me.
I calm down by going for a walk/ jog in the woods, so I can breathe in the fresh air and breathe out any worries. It’s the best time to go through my thoughts without any distractions and help me to calm down.
It depends on when I am and what is around me as to what I do to calm me.
My preferred choice is to switch all electronics off and commit to 10 minutes of silence and mindfulness(which can be quite hard!). I use mindfulness to take myself away from my immediate surroundings concentrating on picturing myself somewhere serene, peaceful and surrounded my nature.



I know this goes against all kinds of advice and research but I’ve always found playing video games cathartic and calming! If I’ve had a stressful day, an hour or two on my Xbox always helps me clear my mind.



I went through a very tough time quite a few years ago now, and my saving head space was playing Halo on the Xbox. SUCH a release.



Simple Ways to Calm Down – Taking Five


I do this when I’m stressed out – I take a long walk in the evening to a quiet park, sit under a shade, and observe nature. I also take several deep breaths and lie down for some time.


A way I calm myself down is to get a book and a hot drink and chill out in my little reading nook



Best thing for me is to focus on the moment. Name 5 things that I can see/hear/smell/touch/taste right then and there


If I’m feeling worked up I love to shut myself in the kitchen, put done music on and cook my favourite meal from scratch. It requires me to focus on what I’m doing and other thoughts leave my mind. By the time I’ve finished I’m usually feeling much calmer and I have a delicious risotto to share with my family too.



simple ways to calm down


The best way for me to calm down is to get all the things that are worrying me out of my head and onto paper. I write a “stress list” with all of the things that are worrying me. Once they are written down I can relax because they are there for me to deal with later so I don’t need to keep them in my head.



I’ve suffered with anxiety and panic for years and one thing that helps calm me is finding 5 things. 5 things i can hear, smell, see etc it helps to ground me I think. 💙 best of luck with your book as well

Ways to Calm Down – Quiet time

Sitting in a quiet room for five minutes – enjoying the silence and solitude really helps in calming myself and all the senses. Sometimes I close my eyes and lie down and meditate too if I have enough headspace for that.



I use meditation as a way to reset my mind. I find it keeps me calm before the feelings and emotions begin to spiral. It can be as simple as 2-3 mins or longer if needed but it works everytime. Https://www.sophobsessed.com


Silence is the only thing that calms me down, I find when I am stressed, noises become unbearable and I need to remove them ALL from my headspace. So if it means going to another room, another house or another continent…I take myself there and sit in silence until my sanity is restored.


I have several meditations which I listen to when I need to calm and I love to do visualisation exercises. I have my kids do them too at night if they need to calm down!


More simple ways to calm down – Breathe it Out

Pilates helps me calm down the most – stretching and being mindful of my body, concentrating on my breath – even just for 5 minutes, works WONDERS 🌟 I love it so much!! It’s transformed my life.

When I do even just a few minutes of yoga in the morning I find I have such a better day once the kids are up. I love yoga with Adrianne on YouTube and she has a few 5 minute videos that I really enjoy.


I deal with anxiety and panic a lot, and the thing that never fails to help is focusing on my breathing. I do what is known as box breathing – breathe in for the count of 4, hold to the count of 4, breathe out to the count of 4, and hold for the count of 4. The combination of regulating my breathing and focusing on the counting helps to reduce both the mental whirring and the physical reaction to whatever has triggered the anxiety or panic.
Go to a quiet place and focus on your breathing. When you are stressed your breathing becomes more shallow. Exhale to breathe in more deeply. Sometimes I put cold water on my wrists too. https://brokegirlinthecity.com/
Nostril breathing or square breathing really helps to calm me down

simple ways to calm down

Counting up and down your fingers, across one hand and then the other and back, breathing in up one side of the finger and out down the other. Very effective. x

Creating calm for me at the moment is distracting myself with something totally opposite to what’s not making me calm. Breathing has been a big one and I’ve tried to really slow down my breathing when I’m feeling stressed out.



I first learnt about the calming effects of breathing techniques when I was pregnant but didn’t master them properly until my second daughter was born. I’ve used them almost daily ever since to help me when I’m getting hot and flustered. My kids now do breathing and meditation in school and I’m so glad. I wish I’d known about this when I was younger.



Simple ways to calm down with scents

When stressed and needing a bit of calm we regularly diffuse some essential oils in the house, favourites include Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint and Juniper Berry.
To totally calm down we have a bath with epsom salts, bicarb of soda and a few drops of essential oil in too 😃

Certain scents are really calming for me. The obvious one is lavender, I use the Lush ‘Twilight’ spray at bedtime. But I also love warming scents such as ginger and vanilla in my wax/oil burner. During the day I love having those wafting through my home and workspace.




Fresh air

One of the ways we’ve been calming ourselves over the last few months is to lie in the back garden on a blanket and watch the clouds roll past above us.. We’ve been trying to see what shapes we can make out. We’ve spotted dogs, dragons and lions in the clouds lately!



With my hectic lifestyle and living in London it’s hard to switch off. To help with this I find going outside and getting some breaths of fresh air before bedtime does help relax me. Often when we are super busy it is hard to remember time to focus on ourselves. Just a minute or two in the moonlight without phone or tablets and giving your body a moment to breathe really does help.


Getting out on my mountain bike is the best way to create a sense of calm. The beauty of the countryside and the company of friends is just fantastic, but riding challenging trails is the best bit! I’m too busy concentrating on staying on the bike to think about anything else!



simple ways to calm down


For me, I love to download an audiobook and head out for a run. Doesn’t really matter on the weather. Just need the distraction. Xx



I go for a walk. Alone! I pop my headphones on with some music or a funny podcast, don my walking boots and head out. I walk to the local nature reserve and do my favourite trail around the lake.


When I’m stressed I like to put my trainers on and go for a run. Getting out into the countryside and always helps clear my head and the exercise takes my mind off whatever has been making me anxious. https://the-twenty-per-cent.com/


Simple Ways to calm down with gratitude

I’ve done three things that made me happy or grateful every night for decades. Initially, I wrote them down but discovered the good feelings came from thinking about the specific moments, rather than putting them on paper.
I do with my daughter too and it is a lovely conversation to have with her at bedtime.

I like to say a little prayer naming all the things I am grateful for in my life



Pet therapy

When I need to calm down I grab my walking boots and my beloved dog and head out to the woods. Nature has a special way of calming me when my mind is racing. www.moneysavvymumuk.com

I do something creative, work on some art or crochet as I get really into it and it distracts my mind. I also really rate a good stomp up a hill with the dog if I’m very antsy. It can’t be a normally walk though, it has to be a stomp which leaves me breathless!



I love standing out in the garden just watching the cows in the paddock behind. Or playing with the dogs and watching the gliders going over. If I’ve got the camera out even better. It’s a chance to just focus on the quiet, what’s around and nothing else.



Simple ways to calm down with music


Switching on some of my favourite dance tunes plugging in my airpods, closing my eyes and just dancing my stress away!!



My favourite thing to do is to grab my headphones and go for a long walk. Fresh air and change of environment does magic for me

I have a playlist of my favourite calming songs so I lay down, close my eyes and listen to the music which calms me.




When trying to calm down, I like listening to my favourite music. If I feel really stressed, I even sing along (I’m terrible at singing). Focusing on the lyrics really helps, especially if it’s in a different language




Know how to calm down and banish the stress

When I’m stressed out and need to calm down, I listen to cheesy pop music. Depending on the level of stress I might even dance or sing a bit. I know it seems counter-intuitive but after a few minutes I feel calmer and more relaxed, ready to tackle whatever problem I have.



For me, dancing around the kitchen to some of my favourite music gives me a boost and makes me happy. Its time out for me (and a lot of laughs if my son joins in.



I always head to my piano if I need to calm myself. Music for me is expressive and uplifting and when I play I can just forget the real world and all of my problems. No matter if it’s a quick five minute bash or an hour of concentrating and learning new songs, it always works.





Ways to calm down with …. Movies

My favourite thing to do is to make myself a cup of tea, grab a blanket and put a favourite film on. It is always a period drama like Pride and Prejudice or Downton Abbey, and then I can go to my happy place!



Passing responsibility for the kids over to my other half or someone else so I can shut the bedroom door and just focus on myself. Then I find it doesn’t matter whether I read a book or watch something on Netflix. I’m instantly calmed down.



I love to snuggle under a blanket and watch repeats of movies I know I love – its like a warm hug form an old friend




Simple wats to Calm down with exercise

I find that exercise helps me reset my mind. If I really go for it in a workout I can vent any frustrations and relieve stress. It leaves me feeling much calmer afterwards, and more motivated to try to deal with whatever is stressing me out 😊
Find your “me time” and make sure you use it. For me, it’s my running so I have fixed days when I go for a run and my whole family know this. I can look forward to this stress-free time and know that it will calm me down and give me headspace to cope with the next couple of days. Plus it helps me to sleep SO WELL!
As a busy mum of two sets of twins I’ve found wild swimming in my local river with a couple of my friends really helps calm me down.
I’m hoping to continue to go through the winter too.
The cuppa and chat afterwards is too.
Try Geocaching – go for a walk, wind down, and relax. But with the bonus of finding “treasure” at the same time. It’s the perfect adult GPS game that makes you feel like a kid

Moving makes a difference if you are looking for ways to calm down

I calm down the most when I have time for myself to go for a swim or to do some yoga. When it’s quiet in the pool and everyone else is just swimming up and down and you’re alone with your breathing and movement ❤️ gets me ready for the constant chatter of the kids when they come home from school!
A really calming and soothing thing I have discovered in the past year is something I’ve experienced while pushing myself physically. Balancing on a paddle board and feeling the movement of the water below you is incredible for making you feel at one with the world. Sure, I still fall off a lot but in those moments I am able to roll with the swell of the sea I feel so connected to the environment around me 🙌 Can you tell I was paddling today 😃 


Music can have a transformative effect, especially when you play an old 90s club classic that you used to love dancing to and have a dance (behind closed doors!) and dance like no-one is watching! Definitely helps drive any negative emotions away and makes me much calmer after that!



Simple ways to calm down – in the garden

I have to ‘do’ something. Gardening is my go to. Nothing beats getting my hands in the earth. Taking note of the invertebrates, insects and other creatures around me. Breathing in the smell of the soil, listening to the buzz of the bees, the birdsong in the trees, feeling each plant. Knowing I am growing something, that I am part of the world around me, lifts me and calms me like nothing else can.



how to calm down, simple ways to calm down


I find just spending some time relaxing in the garden can really help. Laying back watching the birds fly to and fro in the trees and enjoying nature can immediately relax you.

Nature calms me down, so country walks especially if they’re by a river. Plus during lockdown my saving grace was growing my own fruit and vegetables, so exciting, rewarding and you get to eat the fruits of your labour😋



After a busy day with 30 children in year 6, I need calm. Once I’ve kicked off my shoes at home, I make a cup of tea – priority- and, if the weather is good, I’ll sit in the garden and just listen and enjoy my tea. If the weather is bad, I sit on the sofa, feet up and listen to my girl’s chatter about their day. Simple but very effective.



Growing veg is my calm place. I used to have an allotment but now I’ve moved I turned part of my garden into a veg plot. It’s my safe space and way to maintain positive mental health. It’s so grounding
how to calm down


The wonder of water

Being by the sea is my shortcut to calm – whether I’m walking on the sand on a blustery day or just sitting listening to the waves, I can feel my heart rate dropping straight away.


I find listening to water is a great way to relax. That could be a garden feature, a stream or even the sea. I find it really calms any anxiety.



Need to calm yourself down? Run a relaxing bath. When I need to restore some calm into my life I run a bath, pour in some bubble bath, light a candle, and play some relaxing music. Usually when you’re stressed your muscles will tense up, the hot water of a bath increases the body temperature and relaxes the muscles soothing us both physically and mentally.
ways to calm down
Ideally I’d go for a walk in the woods or stare at the ocean for a while as I find these places calming but as that’s not always possible I’d also settle for a warm bubble bath (on my own and undisturbed!) with something to watch or listen to keep my thoughts from attacking.


More Water Babies


I go for a long walk by the water side and just listen to the water!



The best way for me is to have a bubble bath without interruptions. That’s the hard bit when u have kids. It just allows me to switch off and just “be”



When it comes to needing to find some calm, I seek out open spaces and water – the coast, a lake, a river – and take the dog for a walk. There’s something about large expanses of water that I find immensely soothing.




How to calm down with …Colours

.I learned a technique where you close your eyes and think of red, while concentrating on breathing slowly, then green, then blue, by the time I get to blue It really helps me feel calmer. Www.raisiebay.com




Find a new recipe and cook from scratch. Cooking is an amazing, therapeutic way to spend time, with delicious results xx

how to calm down with cooking


Ways to calm down – reliving happy memories

For me, I often look at old photos – particular of my son and how quickly he’s growing up. I find it gives me just the right reflection and ‘reset’ to go again.


Creating order helps me calm down so when I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed, I choose an area that’s bothering me and declutter and organise it.
I find cleaning really helps! It’s a good distraction and a tidy space really helps calm my mind.

More simple ways to calm down …. talk it over

I find it really helpful to have a chat to a friend or family member when I’m feeling anxious or stressed. It often helps to put things into perspective and helps me regain a sense of calm.



how to calm down quickly , simple ways to calm down


I also love a good positive affirmation card. I use the Yesmum brand and have the career ones for myself and the kids’ version for my seven-year-old.
We regularly pull a card out at breakfast and repeat the mantra three times. I can already see that the phrases are becoming a part of Audrey’s inner voice.
(https://www.londonhypnobirthing.co.uk/product/yesmum-original-cards/) A few years back I gave a set for every birthday present throughout the year and the positive feedback was delightful to hear.



Ways to calm down with Cuddle time

 As a child I had a particular toy dog, my comfort behaviour was playing with his tail, a bit like some children play with clothes tags. I still have this toy dog today, he is somewhat worse for wear, but I still find it relaxing to play with his tail! A bit like the adults who still suck their thumbs in private!




I’ve found reading fiction books really helpful to de-stress and help me gain some peace after a hectic day. Engaging your imagination can be a welcome relief when lots is on your mind. https://www.thesavvyscientist.com/why-reading-so-much-fiction-this-year-has-made-me-a-better-scientist/


 I calm down by being in the moment through sport or reading a good book. When I can, surfing is the best way of being present and in nature. Before I go to bed, I make sure all technology is shut off and I read a few pages of my book before going to sleep.



Ah books, they are other worlds! Sometimes the best place to be




how to calm down

I also include reading in Create Your Own Calm as a top tool for kids to destress.



How to calm down with  … Nature

I have filled my house with plants, from a lemon tree in a sunny hallway to cacti dotted around they really help me to stay calm. I think it’s nice to have living green plants around just to help stay centered and even the ritual of looking after them feels like a really calming activity.



Watching a spider cast it’s web or a butterfly dance – they calm me completely




I head to my local beach and walk along the shore with my feet in the water. The cool water and sound of the waves always calms me down and transports me somewhere new.

More simple ways to calm down with nature

We have a lovely shady tree in our garden. I bring one of our sun loungers under there, pop my headphones on and put some chill-out or meditation music on. We often get a cool breeze under there and it helps to melt away any stresses or strains.
Connecting with nature and being outdoors always helps me find my calm and reminds me to be mindful. Its also brilliant for the children and has a positive impact on our mental health on a daily basis. https://childsplayabc.wordpress.com/2020/06/30/mindfulness-nature-therapy-and-calming-sensory-activities/

There are two things which help calm me down. Firstly, sitting in my conservatory watching the birds on my bird feeder. The other is picking up my camera and photographing nature in all its glory. https://www.vevivos.com

I like to walk by the canal and feed the ducks it always chills me out to watch them be so silly

ways to calm down


Ways to calm down  … with podcasts

I listen to a podcast. It allows me to focus on a subject I’m interested in and stops my mind from wandering. 10 minutes in and I’m often completely relaxed.
I like to listen to desert island discs and get the scoop on someone else’s life – it totally takes me out of my own


Stop multi tasking – find simple ways to calm down

Often if I need to calm down it’s because of too much context switching ie when we try to multitask. If I’m on my computer and I realise I’ve got more than one folder or too many tabs open for one task and I’m jumping between all of them, it gets stressful. I try to close everything down, and finish one thing. Then you can return to the other things that tried to snatch your attention in order of priority.
I write a to do list wth only priorities on to help me focus and to stop my brain being overloaded as a ways to calm down


More emotional wellbeing resources from me

My previous books include Create Your own Happy and Be Happy Be You (for teenagers)



Create Your Own Calm is out now and available from Amazon and all good bookshops. I do hope ou have enjoyed this bumper post on ways to calm down and now feel hugely inspired to find your own  simple ways to calm down and clear your mind.


Over to you for more simple ways to calm down

Do you have any simple ways to calm down to share.? I would love to hear from you  if you do, simply leave your top tip on simple ways to calm down below


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