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How to Carefully Remove Your Old Wallpaper

Do you know how to carefully remove your old wallpaper

It’s no secret that removing wallpapers can be quite a messy job, as there are no shortcuts in doing it. On top of that, it can be very time-consuming; however, if you have the right tools, you can significantly reduce the hassle that comes with the project.

There are ample techniques How to Carefully Remove Your Old Wallpaper, where some might give better results than the others, but that depends on the wall and the wallpaper itself.


How to Carefully Remove Your Old Wallpaper


How to Carefully Remove Your Old Wallpaper

Read below to learn some easy tricks to remove your old wallpaper flawlessly:


1. Understand the Types of Wallpapers

Applying a proper technique is essential to understand the different types of wallpapers in the market. There are three distinct types, namely, strippable wallpapers, traditional wallpapers, and vinyl wallpapers. The strippable wallpapers are made with materials that remove the wallpaper easily, with little to no tearing. Similarly, traditional wallpapers that do not have any coatings can be easily scraped off if you wet it. In stark contrast, the vinyl wallpapers, also known as laminated wallpapers, can be quite a job. Since they are washable, it can be complicated to remove them.


2. Understand the Types of Walls is key to How to Carefully Remove Your Old Wallpaper

Wallpapers aren’t frequently changed. They tend to be on the same wall for quite some time. You must understand it along with the type of wall that can determine how easily you can remove the wallpapers. To understand what wallpaper-removal technique fits your wall best, it’s better to identify the material used in the construction of your walls.

There are different materials used in constructing walls, houses built before the 1950s, using plaster over wood, gypsum, or similar metal lathe materials. Removing wallpapers from these walls is an easy job. Whereas, houses that are built after the 1950s are typically constructed using drywalls.

The drywall surface quickly bonds to the wallpaper, which can be a big trouble when removing the wallpaper, as it is nearly impossible to carry out the task without damaging the wall.


Wallpaper-removal Process – How to Carefully Remove Your Old Wallpaper

There are proper steps to be followed to carry out the process effectively.

●       Proofing the Room

 First of all, you must prep the room and the wall. Cover up all the sockets, outlets, and lights with tape to ensure that they do not endure any damage from water and paint moisture during the process. Moreover, remove wall plates from your light switches, outlets, and all the openings you wish to paint as well—tape down a cloth or a poly sheet to protect the flooring of your room. Make sure your floorboards and wainscoting are covered, so they don’t get paint all over them.


●       Remove Your Old Wallpaper 

After you have proofed the room, the second step of the process starts. To remove old wallpaper, use a water-filled garden sprayer diluted with a wallpaper remover, such as a wallpaper removal solution, and spray it generously on the wallpaper. Please leave it to soak for around 15 to 20 minutes. After this, use a putty knife or a scraper to peel the wallpaper off of your walls.

If your wallpaper is coated, it might be a little trickier to remove, as it is water-resistant. In this case, use wallpaper solution liberally along with a steamer for the best results. Score the wallpaper removal tool over the steamed area to make sure the steam penetrates behind the wall. After holding it against the wallpaper for around 20 seconds, immediately scrape the wallpaper.


remove Your Old Wallpaper

How to Carefully Remove Your Old Wallpaper


●       Clean up Any Leftovers

After successfully removing the wallpaper, if any glue is left over, use a large sponge or TSP. If you wish to repaint or reapply a new wallpaper, wait for a few days for the wall to dry completely.

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