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How to change the look of a blog with plugins

Today we are going to look at how to change the look of a blog with plugins.


How to change the look of a blog with plugins


How to change the look of a blog with plugins

Bloggers love to showcase their beautiful blogs but so many look the same.  Lets’s take a look at how bloggers can make their blogs look just that little bit more special by using plugins. here are 5 of my personal favourites.




Unsplash is the only website I use to find free images for my blog but, did you know, you can actually get an Unsplash plugin too?  How perfect is that for bloggers? Unsplash is, in fact, the internet’s largest library of freely usable images.

These images are diverse, contemporary, high quality and rather beautiful. I am always happy with my Unsplash choices and it is rare I cannot find an image I want to use. It is a wonderful image resource bank.

With the Unsplash plugin you, you can access millions of HD photos for free, with no strings attached right from within the WordPress editor. Now that is impressive.




Fontsy.com is a totally awesome web font management plugin for WordPress, it allows you to import your own web fonts, or choose from their free web font library. So many blogs look the same is an this is a great way to create a really individual look to your blog and help it stand out.  You can find the plugin here

The WordPress font plugin is totally free although they do offer premium fonts for you to purchase or you can simply use your own!

Isn’t that cool.


How to change the look of a blog with plugins


Magic Posts Thumbnail – How to change the look of a blog with plugins

Now, this is one fancy pants plugin as it automatically generates thumbnails & images for your posts based on your text!

It can (as if by magi) grab images from Google Images, Flickr or Pixabay based on your post title, text analysis and much more. The plugin can add a picture as your featured thumbnail or inside the post when you publish the post.

It’s like having a VA do your images for you.



Easy Table of Contents

The easy table of contents plugin is just fantastic. If like me, you like to write the occasional long post, it comes in so handy. It neatly condenses your text by headings and enables your reader to jump straight to the bit they are interested in. Isn’t that neat?

 The next plugin I’m going to tell you about doesn’t change the visuals of your blog but it is blooming ace!



Link whisper – How to change the look of a blog with plugins

I can personally vouch for link whisper as I have been using it on my various blogs for the last month. it is such a time saver.

Link whisper looks at my blog posts and comes up with suggestions of where I can internally link to other of my blog posts and with one click it does this for me. I often can not remember what similar content I may have written so this saves me so much time searching.

It can do this for links to or from a blog post within my site. Excellent for my blog’s SEO.


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