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How to choose a fragrance online

How to choose a fragrance online without testing it – some top tips


How to choose a fragrance online


How to choose a fragrance online – what to consider

Do you worry about how to choose a fragrance online?

Buying perfume online can be just as easy as buying in-store. it is totally possible to choose a fragrance online without testing it.

Jonny Webber from www.PerfumeDirect.com offers this advice for buying perfume online and has selected PerfumeDirect.com’s current best sellers – with the best savings – as a useful guide for what to buy right now.


How to choose a frangrance online without testing it


 How to choose a fragrance online without testing it  – in 6 simple steps

1.     Number one is to consider how much you want to spend. There is no point searching through hundreds of products if your budget is £30 – a common ‘gifting’ amount. Perfume prices can vary so much, so set your price parameter, e.g. under £50.  This will also ensure you see perfumes with the best discounts – and you might end up with a perfume you thought you couldn’t afford. Shop around to find the best online deals.

2.     The next step is to narrow your selection down in terms of the type of smell you prefer. Generally, perfumes are grouped as fresh, fruit, floral, woody and oriental. Refining your search by type of smell can help to guide your choice. 

3.     Then read the detail – information about the ‘notes’ of the perfume provides detail of how the fragrance presents. Another tip is to compare the description to any current favourite perfumes – or those favoured by the person you’re buying for – and to try to select a scent with a similar description to that.

4.     Looking at Best Sellers is another great way to find the perfect perfume. They’re best sellers for a reason – because they smell gorgeous.

5.     Buy miniatures and try out different variations of a favourite brand. I have been trialling this set of CK1 perfumes and oh my goodness they are simply the cutest little things – perfect to travel with

6.     And finally, check with friends and look at reviews to see what others think.


Spring / Summer Fragrances with great savings




PerfumeDirect.com have rounded up its top-selling Spring Fragrances – all under £50  with some amazing savings:


Escada Celebrate Life – £19.99 (save £31.01) I trialled this without smelling based on its description and reviews and I have to tell you its so lovely!


Robert Cavalli Paradiso Azzurro – £29.99 (save £37.01) 


Especially Escada Elixir – £28.99 (save £34.01)


Moshino ChicPetals – £23.99 (save £28.01) 


Lancome Idole – £43.99 


Chloe minatures – £41.99 (save £8.00)


Burberry Weekend Femme – £32.99 (save £36.01)


Wow-what great savings!

I do hope you have found these tips on How to choose a fragrance online without testing it to be useful – if scent is important to you you might also like my post on beautiful home scents


* I was sent a couple of these perfumes for the purpose of review and to show how easy it is to choose a fragrance online without testing it

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