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How to Choose a Portable Coffee Table

Are you wondering how to choose a portable coffee table?

When it comes to furniture shopping the choice can feel endless can’t it? And yet at the same time it can be tricky to find the exact thing that you want.

I always find when it comes to choosing furniture that if I make a little profile about what I want beforehand it can hugely help. When it comes to coffee tables I  need to think about exactly what function and style I ant my new coffee table to have then go shopping accordingly.

Portable Coffee Table

What I want in a coffee table


 Style is very important to me in my home. I like minimalist colour palattes in my home and tactile comfortable soft furnishings. I also like rustic substantial looking furniture that looks like it was built to last. 

 I like simple and elegant design and clean lines.



It is important to me that as far as possible I use natural looking and substantial quality materials in my home, so wood a or a wooden look is a key feature.



I am not one for huge pieces of furniture that dominate a room. Space is very important to me so this means I really have to think about the size of a piece of furniture that I will put in my home. 



I like objects that are practical and versatile. If they can multi-task  then to my mind that is just fantastic. I also like furniture that is portable. i am quite a small and light person and struggle ot move heavy objects so i prefer pieces that are not too hard to move.


So there you go. My coffee table shopping list is now directed by the material size and function that matter to me most. This makes choosign the right item much easier. 


The rustic lift portable coffee table 

The rustic lift top coffee table from  Costoffs is absolutely gorgeous and ticks all my coffee table shopping list boxes.

Let me show you why it is so special and talk you through it’s functions. 


How to Choose a Portable Coffee Table


Look how very clever the lift top is on the coffee table enabling you to use it as a desk for your laptop or a place to rest your coffee nearer to you and at height. Isn’t it wonderful. Multi tasking at its best!

I also love the huge amount of storage capacity that you get with this coffee table. It would be absolutely invaluable to keeping my room a bit tidier. I would store remote controls, TV magazines and probably a snuggle blanket inside.

The fact it is portable and can be moved around as you require is brilliant. 

 Isn’t  it just achingly cool too? I love the look of it. 

And the price point is  excellent, it is only  $156 including free shipping. 


You can find lots of lovely  functional, stylish, well crafted, portable furniture at Costoffs it is definitely a great place to do your furniture shopping.


How to Choose a Portable Coffee Table



About costoffs

COSTOFFS was founded in 2020, an e-furniture brand that focuses on home and office furniture. They are dedicated to producing reliable furniture with versatile uses and timeless looks at a reasonable price. They promise to bring their customers the best products and shopping experience at an affordable price.  

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