How to choose a theme for your site

Today – How to choose a theme for your site


How to choose a theme for your site


How to choose a theme for your site

I don’t often talk about blogging but I do know that a number of my lovely readers are indeed bloggers  and or website or e-commerce owners.. Because of this, if I come across something useful I will always want to share it with you.

Even for those of you who haven’t yet taken the plunge and created their own website, it might be interesting to read how very easy it is to get great themes for your blog.


Where to start

I always, before diving into choosing something like to have a little think. I will grab a coffee and a notebook and write down what it is I am looking for. I do this for clothes, holidays, design schemes – pretty much everything.

When it came to blogging themes I knew I was after a clean, crisp look and an easy to navigate schema. Having clarity about this concept for my blog really helped me when I was doing my research. Without some vision, it n be easy to feel overwhelmed.


Where to look

Themeplanet is a really great resource for people wondering what wordpress/shopify/HTML5/woocommerce themes to use for their site.


I have loved browsing their WordPress themes and envisaging how my blog content would look upon it. I think I could well be ready for a change? What do you think? 

I do like this fashion theme form Theme Planet and it’s actually a free theme! I like the clean and minimalistic look.





I also really like this food blog theme – again it is minimalistic and clean looking and suits my style perfectly. At under $40 it is a great investment into your business or brand.


How to choose a theme for your site


There are a lot of categories to choose for when picking your theme and there really is something for everyone.


Top tips on choosing a theme for your site

Here are my 3 top tips when choosing a theme for your site:

  • Take your time when choosing a theme for your site – it is something you are going to see probably daily and live with for quite some time
  • Really think about practicalities, cost, whether it is easy to install and customise
  • Consider functionality – do you need to take payments, do you need o process contact details or make bookings. Check your theme is right for you before you purchase by having a tick list ready on what you need it to do beforehand.
  • Themes can be changed – sure, but you will send time customising your theme and rather than waste that time it is definitely a good idea to get it right in the first place.
  • If  a WordPress theme is what you are after you can find out a whole more about how they work here
  • It absolutely is not as tricky as it first appears and once you  get stuck in and give it a go you” be managing your own website in no time


I hope you have found this short look at How to choose a theme for your site to be useful.

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how to choose a theme for your website

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How to choose a theme for your site is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on the best blogging retreat


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