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How to choose the best worktop for your kitchen

A look at  how to choose the best worktop for your kitchen

Remodelling or updating a kitchen can be one of the most exciting projects in a home. It’s true what they say – the kitchen is the heart of the home. With that in mind, it’s worth making perfect.

Amongst choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets and appliances, you must also choose the best kitchen worktop. It sounds like a simple task, right? Yes, but there is a lot of choice out there and it can be easy to settle for something that turns out not to be the right fit for your kitchen or lifestyle.

To avoid any mistakes, I’ve put together this article around choosing the best worktop for your kitchen; the factors you should consider, and a run-down of the most common materials to choose from.


Firstly, what do you need to consider before choosing your kitchen worktop?

Before you even open your Pinterest app or start browsing Google for worktop options, there are a few questions you should ask yourself first.

Let’s start with your budget. There’s a huge price range available so it’s important to decide where you sit within this. You also need to think about the way in which you use your kitchen. Are you a clean freak, or do spillages and daily wipe-downs get neglected? Some worktops can be easily damaged through spills, whereas others are much more durable. Definitely consider this when making a decision.

Arguably one of the most important things to consider is the style and atmosphere you want to create in your kitchen. There are almost unlimited choices when it comes to colour and texture so it’s a good idea to have a vision in your head to stick to when filtering through your options.

Lastly, do you plan on hiring a professional to install it, or do you plan on doing it yourself? If you plan on going with a professional, you will want to find a company that you trust and that comes highly recommended. If you are doing it yourself then make sure you do lots of research first so that you know what you are doing before you begin cutting anything up!

So, once you’ve thought about all of those factors, it’s time to consider the type of worktop that might be best for you. Let’s take a look at the various options…



best worktop for your kitchen

How to choose the best worktop for your kitchen



You’ve almost definitely heard of quartz worktops, as this material has become incredibly popular over the years. Quartz is a man-made stone with the durability of natural stone. It’s the go-to option for many people as it is scratch-proof and can easily withstand chipping. It’s low-maintenance qualities make it a firm favourite for busy, family kitchens.

In terms of it’s aesthetics, it’s got a luxury finish and feel. It has a consistent stone quality, making it look polished and natural. There are an enormous range of colours and textures available, whether you are looking for something dark and moody, or light and airy. If you want something natural looking, however, it might not be the right choice for you.



Granite is another very popular material for worktops. It’s a natural stone, with many shades and patterns to choose from. It will easily complement pretty much any style of kitchen, be it modern or traditional.

Granite is a good option for your kitchen worktops as it is long-lasting and strong enough to withstand heat, so you won’t damage it when putting a hot pan down. This is not the case with many other surfaces, including quartz.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that granite worktops cannot be repaired if they get damaged. If you think there’s a strong likelihood that it may get scratched, cracked or chipped in your kitchen, then it may not be the right material for you.



Wood is another beautiful option for kitchen worktops. You may think that wood only suits a traditional kitchen, but it looks great in modern spaces too, adding a twist of natural beauty. What’s more, wooden worktops will develop character and an even greater aesthetic appeal over time, so you are sure to get your money’s worth.

Wood is also a popular option as it is naturally resistant to germs and bacteria. It is also cheaper than many other kitchen worktop options, however it does require some regular maintenance and oiling to keep it looking good. Be careful to never put a hot pan down on a wooden surface or cut anything directly onto it, as this can easily result in damage.


best worktop for your kitchen



If you are after something low cost, you may want to consider ceramic. Not only is it an affordable option, but you are also sure to find a ceramic worktop option to match the theme of your kitchen. There are a huge variety of colours and textures available to choose from.

Despite their low price point, ceramic worktops are very durable and resistant to moisture and heat. This makes them a great option for busy kitchens. The only thing to be aware of is that they are prone to scratches and once cracked, they will need to be replaced as opposed to fixed. If this is something you can afford to deal with, ceramic could be a great option for your kitchen.


best worktop for your kitchen


For a modern design statement, opt for a glass worktop. Glass offers a super sleek, glossy and stylish finish in a huge range of colours and designs. Despite what you might think, glass worktops are actually very durable, as well as being both heat and water resistant. They are also super hygienic as they don’t allow the build-up of stains or mould.

One thing they are not good with is excessive weight on the corners. This can cause them to crack. Replacing them can be pretty costly, so look after them well. With a bit of care and consideration, glass worktops should look pristine for years to come.


Laminate – best worktop for your kitchen?

The last option I am going to cover is laminate. Laminate kitchen worktops are made of high density chipboard and then coated with plastic laminate. Laminate is actually the most popular choice for worktops in the UK. With this in mind, the range of styles, colours, sizes, designs and finishes to choose from is extensive.

Homeowners like laminate worktops as they are affordable and easy to look after and clean. They can even be installed without the help of a professional, which helps keep the cost down further. Be aware though – they can be damaged by sharp and heavy objects and hot pans can leave scorch marks.


How to choose the best worktop for your kitchen

In conclusion, there are a handful of kitchen worktop options to suit pretty much any style and budget. And whilst durability might be important to you, even the most hardy of materials have their limits, so care and maintenance is essential.


What kind of kitchen worktop would you opt for in your kitchen?


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