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How to choose the perfect Bedroom Wallpaper

Today How to choose the perfect bedroom wallpaper

How to choose the perfect Bedroom Wallpaper, picking the right bedroom wallpaper can be tricky so here are some top tips including how to hang it! #choosingwallpaper #bedroomdecor #bedroomwallpaper


Knowing how to choose the perfect Bedroom Wallpaper can be VERY TRICKY – but here are some top tips to help you decide

How to choose the perfect Bedroom Wallpaper – top tips

When you think of adding a touch of freshness and newness to a room without having to spend a lot, wallpapers are one of the things that come to mind. They’re super easy to work with, affordable and can really liven up your space.

If you’re considering getting a wallpaper re-do for your bedroom, we’ve got you sorted. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about it.


Picking the perfect Bedroom Wallpaper

Look up ‘bedroom wallpapers’ on Google and you’ll find a plethora of options to choose from, and while each one may seem as appealing as the next, it makes sense to have a few key tips in mind before you finalize on the one that you need for your bedroom walls.

  • Look around your bedroom and note down its predominant style- the colour, the furniture, the accessories and everything else.
  • Think of how you would want to re-do your space. Do you want to keep it simple and clean, or are you looking for something more elegant and contemporary? Note that down.
  • If you have some particular colours in mind, note them down too.
  • If you’ve got a bedroom with plain white walls, there’s actually a lot you can experiment with. However, as tempted as you might be to pick brighter and fresher colours, it is best to stick to pastel, cooler colours for your bedroom. The idea is to make your bedroom seem like a place of comfort and relaxation, and that may be a bit difficult if you’ve got bright orange and red popping out to you in the face as you enter the room- isn’t it?
  • Some studies have shown that having the colour blue in your bedroom can help induce sleep- which makes it another great colour choice to consider.
  • Still confused about what to settle down for? Pick delicate lines, simple textures, grainy patterns and earthy finish wallpapers- you can’t go wrong with them. Just keep in mind to pick something that would complement the style of your room, and not make it seem out of place.


Getting Vastu into the Picture when choosing the perfect bedroom wallpaper

Whether or not you’re a believer in Vastu Shastra, having the right wallpaper in your home, particularly your bedroom, can have a major impact on your health, well-being, relationships and so much more. Choosing the right wallpaper can also have an influence on your family’s overall happiness.

  • Choosing a wallpaper that has a river or fish in your bedroom, if it is the fortune area of your home according to vastu, can bring in more luck, prosperity and success for you.
  • Make sure you do not choose a wallpaper for your bedroom that has fire or sun or any other such extreme natural elements.
  • The perfect wallpapers for your bedroom would be those that feel relatable with love and hearts.
  • Try to choose wallpapers who have cool, soothing colours that help you feel relaxed and at ease.
  • Abstract paintings and wallpapers are believed to bring invite negative energies into your home, which is why it is better to avoid them at all costs.
  • Deer is symbolic of longevity, grace and endurance, and if you find a wallpaper that has deer in it that you like, having it adorn the walls of your bedroom can be a great idea and can bring more positivity into your home and life.
  • If you’ve picked a wallpaper that has birds, make sure you pick one that has two birds, since that is a symbol of companionship, as opposed to one bird which represents loneliness.
  • Avoid picking wallpapers that has animals, especially ones that look sad, particularly for your bedroom. Having such a wallpaper can make the members of your family depressed.


Putting it Up: 101

Now that you’re done with possibly the most stressful part of it all- actually deciding which wallpaper you would want up on your bedroom walls, now’s the time to get it up! You can always hire a contractor to get things done, but if you’re looking to DIY it here’s some help.

Guess what? It isn’t as complicated and intimidating as it seems, and by the time you’re done, you’ll actually feel pretty accomplished- to say the least. So read on and get started!

  • Make sure you’ve purchased enough wallpaper- measure the size of your walls and use your basic calculator to decide how many rolls of wallpaper you would need.
  • Use a ready-made mixed wallpaper paste. You’ll find many variants but it is best to stick to buying the one with a resealable tube- this will help you avoid a lot of wastage as well.
  • An applicator brush is another essential you need to get your hands on.
  • Also, have a measuring tape and a pencil handy- to make markings for the guidelines.
  • Grab a few clean cloths to smooth out the wallpaper on the wall while you’re doing the actual job.
  • A pair of scissors and a wallpaper trimming knife are two other must-haves to grab!


Once you’re done with grabbing all of these, move on to actually putting up the perfect bedroom wallpaper – here’s how to do it.

  • Remove all nails, dirt and any other imperfections from your wall and ensure that you have a smooth surface to work on. Get started with a corner that’s relatively easy and clean, or the one that is going to be hidden by furniture, so that even if you don’t get it done as cleanly, it won’t be much of a problem.
  • Unroll the wallpaper, mark the areas where it needs to be cut- if it needs to be, and then start applying glue to the wall- just one single generous coating should work fine.
  • Once you’ve applied the strip of wallpaper on top of it, smooth it down with a clean cloth. Use soft strokes to remove any excess glue from the edges. If you’ve got excess wallpaper around the edges of anything, use a ruler to push the wallpaper into the crevice, and cut it using a pair of scissors or a cutting knife.


That’s it! Your perfect bedroom wallpaper is UP! Paste, breathe, repeat and you’re sorted! Now you know how to choose the perfect bedroom wallpaper for your room and how to put it up.  Time to get planning!

how to choose the perfect bedroom wallpaper


The benefits of wallpaper in the bedroom

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So, How do you choose the perfect Bedroom Wallpaper

Do you have any tips on how to choose the perfect bedroom wallpaper? Please leave me a comment if you do .

I always love to hear from you – how  do you choose the perfect bedroom wallpaper?


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