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How To Choose The Perfect Pair Of Sunglasses?


Sunglasses are not just an accessory, but they are also a necessity. I know that some of you may not perceive it this way, but that’s actually the reality. In case you didn’t know, if you do not wear them (particularly when it’s sunny outside), you can damage your vision, and eyes.

That’s precisely one of the major reasons why everyone should have at least one pair of first-class sunglasses. I know that most of you buy them to embellish your outfit, but perceive them also as an awesome tool to safeguard your eyes from detrimental UV rays.

So are you planning on purchasing them anytime soon? If the answer is yes, then I would advise you to take a look at these tips because they are going to help you select the best pair of sunglasses!


Search For UV Protection

As I stated above, UV rays can be very damaging to both your eyes and skin. Many reports have shown in the past that precisely these rays can lead to macular degeneration and cataracts.

And both of these health conditions can negatively impact your eyesight. Not to mention the fact that UV rays can increase the risk of having skin cancer, or can lead to premature aging, which means that you’ll be having a wrinkly face.

So what can you do to prevent this? Knowledgeable people at  www.seekoptics.com  would advise you to consider buying sunglasses that come with lenses that provide excellent UV protection. This for sure should be your number one priority if you wish to protect your eyes the right way.


They Must Block Enough Light

Another thing that’s as equally essential as the aforementioned suggestion is precisely this one. Namely, you should acquire sunglasses that are capable of blocking enough light. So what do I mean by that?

In a nutshell, they must be able to screen out seventy-five to ninety percent of visible light. But how are you going to be able to tell if they are capable of doing so? For starters, you should put them on while you’re standing in front of the mirror. 

If you notice that you can easily see your eyes through lenses, then it most definitely means that they are not dark enough.


The Bigger The Better

I know that there are people who hate wearing larger sunglasses because they believe that their head is too small for them and that they are going to completely cover their face, but it’s still a much better option than opting for smaller ones.

How come? Well, that’s because bigger ones are capable of covering a greater area of your face, which means that it’s going to be a lot more effective when it comes to safeguarding your eyes, and skin.

Sunglasses that come with wraparound lenses are also great at blocking rays that are arriving from the sides. Thereby, if you want to block the sun as much as possible, then you should certainly obtain ones that have wraparound lenses.


Size, Size, Size

Just like with everything else, you do not want to acquire something that doesn’t make you feel comfortable, right? This rule doesn’t apply to clothes, and shoes, but to sunglasses too! Therefore, you should purchase the ones that will perfectly fit your face.

But how will you be able to figure that out if you, for instance, found a wonderful pair of sunglasses online? Fortunately, you do not need to see them in person in order to determine if they are truly good for you or not.

All you have to do is to grab a ruler to find the length from one of the temples to the other one, and then pay attention to this guide below:

  1. 47-53mm frame size – this one is intended for people who have smaller faces, somewhere between 4.5’’ to 5.1’’
  2. 54-57mm frame size – this one is the best for those who have medium-sized faces ranging from 5.25’’ and 5.5’’
  3. 58-63mm frame size – this is ideal for people who have relatively bigger faces between 5.75’’ and 6.25’’


What About The Price?

I know that a lot of you believe that in order to purchase top-notch sunglasses, you must spend a fortune. But that’s certainly not the case. In fact, there’s no guarantee that something that’s pricey is going to provide you with the best possible protection and out-of-this-world quality. So do not obsess over it, please!




Even though lots of people would define sunglasses as nothing more than a fashion statement, they are actually so much more than that. Consequently, if you want to buy a solid pair of sunglasses, then please consider these tips above.



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