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How to choose trousers to compliment your body type 

How to choose trousers to compliment your body type 

There are many different styles of trousers that will fit different body shapes. Discover the ones that will compliment you. 





How to choose trousers to compliment your body type 

Trousers – a women’s item?  

Trousers were originally deemed a man’s item of clothing. They were for practical use and safety, often in the workplace and for business purposes as part of a smart suit. Women were expected to wear dainty dresses and skirts around the home and during leisure times.  

However, as time progressed more and more women began donning the once ‘masculine’ clothing item and making it their own.  

From flares to culottes, denim to cotton, this comfortable yet functional legwear grew in popularity and through meticulous design became what we know and love today.  

How to choose trousers to compliment your body type 


A versatile piece  – choose trousers to compliment your body

Women’s trousers have become one of the most versatile and popular fashion items to suit any occasion.  

From weddings to workwear, this wonder-garment has been at the forefront of style. Being both fashionable and affordable, trousers are an effortlessly chic way to smarten up an outfit.  

And with so many different variations on the market, there is a style to suit every purpose and taste.  

For example, high-waisted denim jeans can be dressed up when paired with a stylish blouse and heels or dressed down for a more casual look with a t shirt and a pair of Converse trainers.  

Whereas some lightweight tapered trousers can be worn with a suit jacket and high neck top for special events such as business meetings and meals out.  


How to choose trousers to compliment your body type 


Picking the right trousers to suit your shape 

Knowing how to choose trousers to compliment your body can be daunting, but these sizing and styling tips should take the stress out of planning your outfit.  

For starters, knowing your shape is really important in finding the right trousers to work with, not against, your body type.  

  • If you have a tall and straightbody type, enhance this with high waist trousers and a belt. The belt will create a sinched effect at the waist and give a flattering figure.  
  • For women with a fuller body and curves, balance this by adding some wide leg trousers and a pair of heels to add hight and give the illusion of a longer leg whilst bringing in the hips. 
  • A fuller bust with an apple shapedfigure can be complimented with a pair of bootcut jeans or colourful flares and brings added proportion to your look.  

Whatever your shape, size or style, with a little bit of time and knowledge you can find the perfect pair to enhance your outfit.  





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