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How to choose your perfect e-cigarette?

How to choose your perfect e-cigarette?

You want to quit smoking, or dense clouds and pleasant smells, coming from e-cigarettes attract so much, that you decided to try vaping yourself? Great, but  it can be so confusing to make your choice, when there are so many different types and shapes of electronic cigarettes.


How to choose your perfect e-cigarette?


How to choose your perfect e-cigarette?

Hundreds of manufacturers offer a large assortment and it can be a  stressful task to buy your first e-cigarette. Let’s go through some main criteria to ease the choice.


  • Decide on your budget

Though the running costs of vaping are really low – you pretty much need to buy e-liquids and new coils, start-up expenses can seem fairly high. Most of online shops usually offer great deals of vape mods sale uk, kits and accessories sale, so you can profitably purchase your core vaping set, that usually includes e-cigarette, charger, tank and e-juice. You may fit your expenses in £30, or you can spend £100 and up, depending on the device type, manufacturer and quality.


  • Decide on the device type

Though all the electronic cigarettes work on the same principle – heat up e-liquid to produce vapor, there are different types of devices that provide different experiences.

– Cig-a-like

Cig-a-likes look just like a regular tobacco cigarette, they are light and you use it just like a cigarette – make a long drag and then exhale. It has a small battery, a cartomiser with e-liquid and a heating coil. The benefit of cig-a-like is it’s portability and ease of handling. It can satisfy former smokers and light smokers, as it’s design is familiar and it is very easy to use.

– Vape pens and Basic Personal Vaporizers

These devices are larger that cig-a-likes, they typically have a size of a marker pen. Vape pens have a larger battery and a refillable tank for e-liquids, which would be cheaper than using cartomisers. This feature also allows you to choose and taste a great assortment of flavors. Larger battery provides denser clouds, and the devices starts vaporizing e-liquid when you press and hold a button on it.


– Vape Mods and Advances Personal Vaporizers – How to choose your perfect e-cigarette?

These are the biggest e-cigarettes, they come in different shapes. They possess a larger  battery capacity for long-lasting vaping and a higher tank capacity to store e-liquid.  Vape mods usually have adjustable settings, such as airflow and variable voltage control, which allows you to control amount, density of clouds etc. This type of electronic cigarettes is the most expensive one, and demands some more time to play with.


How to choose your perfect e-cigarette?


  • How much do you smoke?

Of course, these are just recommendations, but sometimes you can decide what type of device suits you better by analyzing the amount of cigarettes you smoke per day.

A cig-a-like will surely satisfy needs of a light smoker, it can help make it through the day a person, who smokes up to a pack of cigarettes daily. A vape pen should also fit good

If you are a heavy smoker, than cig-a-like and a vape pen will probably not be enough for your nicotine cravings. In this case mods should be the perfect match. They need some more time to get used to, but it totally worth it. Due to their adjustable system, bigger tank capacity and possibility to play with nicotine level, you will get just what you need.


  • Ease of use

Is this aspect important for you?

If so – cig-a-likes are the simplest in usage. You only need to screw the cartomiser into the battery and start using it like a regular cigarette, and no lighter is needed. You will need to screw in a new cartomiser after you finish the previous one.

It is easy to use basic personal vaporizers as well. The main difference from a cig-a-like is that here you have a tank for e-liquid, which needs to be refilled once it’s empty. Coils also need to be changed from time to time, as they wear out.

Bigger vape mods and advanced personal vaporizers are not a perfect choice for new vapers, as they are more complex. They have different buttons, displays and settings, therefore need a more delicate approach.


There are a lot of nuances to consider before purchasing the electronic cigarette. The main thing though is to think about what you personally want to get from your electronic cigarette. Take your time, think about all the details, and you will be rewarded with a great vaping experience!


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