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How to compare compensation claims

I do hope you have not had the need to pursue any personal injury claims, that life has never taken you down this difficult road.

 But, if like me, this is something you have had cause to explore I imagine you found knowing who to talk to confusing. It isn’t always the case that those that are the most well known, shout the loudest and advertise everywhere are the best choice when it comes to anything. But how do you know where to look if you haven’t head of a company that specializes in this area?  You could spend hours scrolling the internets none the wiser when it comes to knowing who to choose.


How to compare compensation claims

If you’ve been involved in any kind of accident and consequently sustained an injury, you could be eligible for compensation. Spending a little time figuring this out is well worth it. Compare Compensation Claims is a great site that looks at all your options for you and shares the benefits, costs and particulars of each time of personal injury specialist so you can save yourself a whole heap of time and find the service that is best for you.   

To help you find the best injury claim company, it is really helpful to search Compare  Compensation Claims directory of solicitors. This useful directory compares injury law firms rated by the services offered and reviews from clients. I love a review from a client and to know a real person’s experience of a service.


How to compare compensation claims


My experience

I have only once had cause to pursue a personal injury claim and it was many years ago when I was 18.

I was sat in the back of a taxi, stopped at some traffic lights. The driver of a bread lorry coming up behind us failed to stop and crashed into us. I was sent sprawling to the floor and sustained whiplash.

At this point I had only been at university for two weeks. I had neck pain ,shoulder pain and headaches for many weeks after. My mum perused a claim on my behalf but did not compare quotes for services. I got £300. Seemed a small fortune then, and at first I thought my injury was minimal. But, missing those first few weeks of university led to me struggling to study and integrate and my shoulder has never quite been right since. I ended up leaving uni. I think I should  have pursued a much higher claim.

Mum definitely didn’t look around and simply went with the first recommended service. With hindsight I do think this was possibly a mistake.  The repercussions from my accident were huge.


My advice would be to use a comparison service – explore your options and try and get a service that will meet your needs. Do not just take the first option that springs to mind. 


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