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How to Control Home Temperature Remotely

Have you ever wondered how to control home temperature remotely and if it is even possible?

I have recently been introduced to  Hive active heating, It’s pretty amazing really. Hive offers everything you need to control your heating and hot water remotely.


How to Control Home Temperature Remotely – The app

I love that I would have the ability to control my home and it’s environment simply from my phone or lap tap via the HIVE app ..how very cool is that!  Particularly if I am out on a cold football field watching my son play and want the house lovely and warm when we get in.

I can also turn the heating on from my cosy bed so it’s nice and warm when I finally venture out of it! I ma sure that would encourage me (and my kids) to get up sooner.  It’s available for android or iphone.


How to Control Home Temperature Remotely



It works simply via a small receiver which is installed near your boiler by a qualified engineer  Your receiver enables your thermostat and boiler to communicate with each other.

It’s not a big clunky ugly object it is  a small and discreet.


How to Control Home Temperature Remotely & Why it is useful

I think this is a great system to make  life more comfortable.

The English weather changes like the wind and a sunny morning can belie a freezing day. Knowing you can quickly find out what the temperature is both inside and outside your home means you can adjust the temperature as you choose. Perfect if you are on holiday too and concerned about freezing pipes!

I like the  convenience of having a cosy home and hot water when I want it is great (sometimes football gets muddy and my son gets FILTHY and it’s straight in the bath when we get home !)



Being able to control heating and hot water  saves money and wasted energy which is handy, green and cost effective too. Hive costs £199 and can save you up to £150 a year so a great investment.

What a simple but effective solution for a family home.

HIVE, how to control home temperature remotely


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