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How to Control Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels

It is a common scene to witness birds nesting under solar panels. The flat surface and good environment make it attractive for pigeons to nest and create a habitat. However, the pigeons can either damage or soil the panel with droppings. If left unattended, these birds can cause more harm and render the solar panels useless.



How to Control Pigeons Nesting Under Solar Panels

Risks Associated with Pigeons Nesting on Solar Panels

  • Physical damage to the solar panels – the pigeons might peck or scratch the solar surface with their beaks or claws. It might damage the circuits, destroying the energy flow.
  • Reduced efficiency – too many pigeons or birds block the surface area exposed to direct light. Any blockage affects the effectiveness of the solar. Pigeons nesting under solar panels disrupt ventilation, which reduces the overall power yield.
  • Noise – the squeaking of multiple birds on the rooftop is a nuisance. Pigeons fly as a group, and if they find a place they can stay, the noise can be unbearable.
  • Blocked gutters – droppings and nest construction materials may block the solar panel ventilation if not maintained.
  • Hazardous occurrences – water blocking or fire caused by accumulated wastes can destroy the solar panels. They not only damage the solar panels but also eats it’s the solar circuit.

How to Protect Your Solar Panels from Pigeon Invasion


Solar Panel Mesh

The solar panel mesh effectively limits direct contact between the birds and the panels. The mesh does not temper with how the solar works, and neither does it allow contact. There are a good number of solar panel mesh on BirdBlocker.


Regular Cleaning of the Panels

Pigeons get attracted to dirt as they search for food and building materials for their nests. It is also a good surface to lie on as they enjoy the sun. To prevents such dalliance, ensure the panels are clean. Develop a cleaning routine that minimizes access to solar panels but ensures they are clean.


Birds Netting

The structure prevents direct contact of the birds with the panels. Technicians fit it over the boards to act as a barrier. The mesh and the netting deter birds from perching using the same format, but the mesh is better. Although it prevents the birds from reaching the panels, it allows in dirt from the surrounding.


Installing Spikes

Their pointed nature makes it uncomfortable for pigeons to perch on the solar panels. The technician installs them on top of the panels to prevent direct blockage. However, it deters birds and any other being who wants to maintain the panels.


Keeping Your Surrounding Clean

Pigeons and birds, in general, eat on dirt. Cleaning all spaces around the solar panels makes them unattractive. Cover the dust bins and dispose of any unattended items to avoid attracting the birds. Effectively, they will avoid the region since nothing prompts them to visit it.


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