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How To Cool Off Your Patio in the Summer

How To Cool Off Your Patio in the Summer

With warmer weather soon to be knocking on our doors, it comes as no surprise that so many people across the world are getting ready for the soaring temperatures that seem to become more and more common (in the summertime) lately.

Luckily, those that love enjoying their garden, patio or backyard every change they get can heave a sigh of relief knowing that there are a lot of solutions to stay cool without giving up patio parties and fun BBQ evenings.


How To Cool Off Your Patio in the Summer


How To Cool Off Your Patio in the Summer – top tips


1. Evaporative or Swamp Coolers

Evaporative coolers are budget-friendly appliances that use the natural process of evaporation (hence, the name) to provide relief. Unlike traditional air conditioning systems, swamp coolers do not use refrigerants and compressors to cool an area. Instead, they have fans that draw warm and stale air into the device. Then, that air is cooled up to 20 degrees with the help of a water-moistened machine. The dispersed refreshed air feels like a chilled breeze and is evenly distributed throughout the space.

Evaporative coolers can make the temperature of your patio feel 4-6 degrees cooler than it actually is. To give you an idea of the sensation you get from a swamp cooler, imagine yourself stepping out of the pool on a summery day. That chill you feel at that point is also this machine’s effect; only, this time, it is not a one-off sensation rather than a constant thing that lasts for a long as you run the device. As for DIY fans, there are plenty of tutorials and guides online to help make your own homemade swamp cooler!


2. A Misting System

Misting systems comprise a handy alternative to air-conditioning units and evaporative coolers and work by cooling the air via the evaporation of water when it comes into contact with hot air. So, they operate pretty similarly to swamp coolers and can even cool a space by up to 30 degrees.

The most commonly used misting system is the misting fan, which uses rotating blades like the average electric fan and introduces a cooling mist to the air. The fan then blows that mist and refreshes everybody standing in its path.

It should be noted that in advanced models, the water particles that comprise the mist are so fine that the people standing in front of the machine don’t feel as if someone is slashing water to their face unless they sit extremely close to the device.

Amusement parks and outdoor-held professional sporting events usually employ misting fans during the summer months. If you will be using a misting fan, just make sure it has plenty of space around it and that it is not up against a wall.


3. Creating Shade – How To Cool Off Your Patio in the Summer

Besides having a device to cool off your backyard or patio, you can also help get the ultimate cooling experience with umbrellas, awnings, gazebos, and pergolas. If your patio is not covered, it is best to add a cover and not only get protection from the sun but also give your property added value. Installing shade sails is another economical and easy option to help create shade for an upcoming outdoor BBQ or party, as is permanent awnings and canopies (permanent or pre-assembled portable ones).

If your budget allows it, installing a conservatory will definitely be one of the best investment you have made in your home. Now, if you already have one, you could consider replacing its glazed or polycarbonate roofing system with tiled solutions, such as those provided by experts like Leka Systems, that will make a dramatic difference in the temperatures inside the conservatory.


In simple terms, you will be much cooler in the summertime and much warmer during winter, which will allow you to enjoy this beautiful extension of your home whenever you feel like it, without being limited by the elements of the weather conditions out there.


4. Fans & Air-Conditioning Units

Using the standard fans is an effective solution for cooling off your patio as they provide a light breeze that somewhat relieves the heat. They are easily transferred from one place to another (unless you have installed a ceiling fan, of course), and come in many sizes to fit your needs.

The more modern models also have a misting system included, which undoubtedly makes this entire experience more pleasurable.  


5. How To Cool Off Your Patio in the Summer – Cool from Underground

The technology has advanced so much that we now have things like earth tube air conditioning systems that take advantage of the cool air beneath your property and utilise it to keep the house cool even during the worst heat waves.

Also known as earth tubes, they may require nothing more than a small fan and plastic PVC plumbing pipes while others involve much more complicated pumping of water via the tube network.


With all these ideas to help savour the summer months, regardless of the current climate in the area you live, you only need to choose the one that best suits your needs or a combination of more than one. Enjoy!


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