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How to create a calm and soothing sleeping space for summer

 Our bedroom should be a place of comfort. It’s where we start and end our days, and catch up on some much-needed rest and relaxation. That’s why it’s so important to create a beautiful and calming space. 

Simplicity is key– the littlest changes can often go a long way! When creating a soothing space to sleep in, the trick is not to do too much, which is an added bonus for your hip pocket!

Follow our tips to transform your bedroom into an oasis of calm that will have you resting easy during the summer months.


soothing sleeping space

Keep décor and styling simple

The key to keeping your bedroom calm and relaxing is to make sure your space isn’t packed with busy decorative items. To create a calm, clean space you need to be selective and keep decorative elements to a minimum.

A piece of art, some extra cushions for the bed, a rug and some decorative items for your dresser or bedside tables is enough to breathe some personality into your space without overcrowding it. Keep things that are meaningful and remove the rest.


Keep clutter to a minimum

In a similar vein, keeping the bedroom free of clutter will instantly make it feel more restful. Clutter can lead to anxiety and a messy room is hard to wind down in. To keep your room always feeling calm and organised, spend a few minutes tidying up each day, ensuring  the mess doesn’t build up.

Another key tip is to make sure everything has a place. Maximise storage options, like that valuable under-the-bed real estate and drawer organisers to keep everything tidy!

Styling tip: The easier  your bedroom is to clean, the more likely you’ll do it. That means having a spot for dirty laundry, like a wicker laundry basket, which also adds an element of style to the room.


Invest in quality bedding for a good night’s sleep

When it comes to creating a cosy, soothing bedroom, décor and styling can only go so far. A truly calming and restful bedroom always starts with the bed.

Make sure your bed is well-positioned in the room, with enough room to move either side. Keep the bed away from under the window, as this will help you get a better night’s sleep! 

Once you’ve chosen the perfect spot, it’s time to turn your attention to the furniture. A good quality mattress is the key to a comfortable sleep. It’s important to find the right firmness to suit your sleeping needs.

Finally, you can think about all the other things on your bed. Quality bedding is like the icing on top of your mattress cake. Ensure you have comfortable pillows and a quilt with the right level of warmth for the season. As for your linen, go for a breathable material for warmer months. Plus, linen has a lovely, laid-back style that is perfect for creating a relaxed summer mood. 

To keep your room always feeling fresh – especially in the summer months – wash your bedding regularly, and as boring as it sounds, make your bed every day!

soothing sleeping space for summer

Opt for a calming colour palette 

While a bold and bright colour scheme creates a fun mood, it’s not the way to achieve a soothing sleeping space.  Playing it safe with neutral tones is a much better option here – this goes for both bedding and wall colours.

The right colour palate can make all the difference in evoking a sense of calm. Off-white is a popular neutral choice that will go with almost everything. A pale soft green is a great way to soften the appearance of your space, while blue will help add a feeling of tranquillity and calmness.

If you love to play with colours, stick to a cool palette or natural tones. Pastels will give you that  pop of colour, while still remaining calming to the eye. 


Choose soft styling and natural-looking products

Lightweight textures like wicker or bamboo are great summer-furniture options. You can also go for a light wood for statement pieces like your bed frame. The added bonus is that these natural materials, like solid wood furniture, should last for years with minimal care!

Also think about the textiles you choose. Natural materials like cotton and linen are breathable and won’t make you sweat during warm, summer nights. In the cooler months, opt for a cosy wool blanket. 

The key to creating a calming sleeping space isn’t tasteful aesthetics, but how the space works for you. A bedroom that has all the things that make you feel happy is all that matters – it’s your space after all, so your personal preference should always be the decider. 

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