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How to create a conservatory you will use and love

How to create a conservatory you will use and love


How to create a conservatory you will use



How to create a conservatory you will use

Have you been wondering how to create a conservatory you will use? It’s a common problem.



For a long time our conservatory was really nothing more than a storage room for our children’s toys. It was a room packed with ‘stuff’ and we just went in there to get things. Or, we just walked through there to get to our garden.

So we kept talking about moving ..how we needed more space to sit and play our music , to read in peace, just to have some time away for the chaos that is parenting. We never really considered our conservatory could give us that space.

Looking back I think we just couldn’t see past the clutter.


Kicking the clutter

I know many people who really don’t use their conservatory, who just store things in there or who have actually very little in there and the room is hardly ever used as it lacks in care and character.

We did eventually realise we had this amazing space just going to waste.

We still store a lot of our children’s crafts and games in the room but we now have great storage in which to do it. We also have lovely seating  and all our music properly accessible. It has become our guitar room/reading room and we really do love to be in there. Really it just needed some TLC and actually a defined identity.

I rather love it these days.


Art and Blinds

The addition of some art on the walls and a few plants made it so much more inviting as did rather a huge declutter and a few new co-ordinating pieces of furniture.

Putting up blinds made a big difference to the room too and added warmth in winter and a sense of cosiness and it shut out the heat in summer. Conservatories need a bit of love to come into their own but then they really do become a room to love. The extra space is a real bonus and has really enhanced our life quality.

Over at Thomas Sanderson you can find some more advice on making the very most of your conservatory and re-discovering it’s value.

The most  popular type of blind for a conservatory is Duette® blinds. Their unique properties can help to keep conservatories at a constant temperature throughout the year.

Independent tests have shown that they can reflect up to 78% of the sun’s warmth, retain heat by up to 46% and save on energy bills by around 25%. They also block up to 99% of UV rays, which helps to protect furniture and furnishings from fading.

cons blinds

Shutters are another brilliant option for conservatories as they look so smart and are great at noise reduction and keeping out the heat. These lifetime shutters are guaranteed for 25 years!


I think a pop of colour adds an injection of personality to a room and can really liven it up. These yellow Laura Ashley blinds are just lovely.

yellow blinds

If you want more tips on making your conservatory an all year round room take a look at this:





I really hope you can make yours work for you.

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