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How to create an extra special child’s bedroom

How to create an extra special child's bedroom

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How to create an extra special child’s bedroom

Have you been racking your brains wondering how to make an extra special child’s bedroom?

A child’s bedroom is a really important place. Unlike an adults bedroom, which of course is predominately juts a place to sleep – a child’s has many purposes they will probably spend a large proportion of their time in their room.

Children’s bedrooms are hives of activity. They will have friends to play in their room, and maybe even sleepover. They will take naps there. They will read in their bedrooms, build Lego, draw, relax, play with dolls and cuddle their teddies.

Their bedrooms are places where they will be creative.



They are a place they will grow and learn and explore.

They really are an important place. How we design and decorate a child’s bedroom really does impact.



Wallpaper can have a dramatic impact on a room and make it absolutely extra special,

I have found the most stunning collection of children wallpaper  from a fabulous store called Wallpaper from the 70s


Isn’t it fun ?


You can jutst see how the planes and the rockets would encourage story making and flights of fancy. Oh, the dreams it would encourage.

And how about these unicorns? Aren’t they just gorgeous, my daughter just loves unicorns.



And how  about this cute pandas for a child who loves animals and nature.


I do so want to show you all of them because there really is a wallpaper for every child but you must pop over and take a peek yourself.

Beautiful wallpapers allow you have fairly plain accessories as they make such a lovely colourful statement all by themselves.



Reading Nook

I would also (most definitely) create a reading nook in a child’s bedroom and give them a bean bag or cosy chair with a nice blanket right next to a lovely pile of books. I think it is lovely for children to have somewhere special to read and a place they can call their own.

special child's bedroom


A dressing up box

A dressing up box doesn’t have to be huge or super stylish or filled with expensive costumes.  it just needs to be full of a range of interesting and eclectic bits and bobs that stir a child to play. Odd bits of old clothes work wonders for fancy dress, a shower cap, pair of old slippers, Grandpa’s old glasses. These bits and bobs encourage imagination and role play and can create wonderful opportuinities for play and expression.


Creativity station

Do you blanch at the thought of scissors and glue in your child’s bedroom and think creativity must )(absolutely) be saved for the kitchen table or the playroom. Fair enough! Carpets and glitter stars have never mixed very well. But it is lovely for your child to have quiet and undisturbed creativity time, so how about fuzzy felt in their bedroom or mega blocks or stickle bricks? A little creativity station that is purely theirs is a very lovely thing.



A scattering of photographs of a child’s family and friends is also really lovely for a child to have in their bedroom and can really give them a feeling of security and joy.  Lovely if they choose their own to display too.


So now you know how to create an extra special child’s bedroom – do you have any top tips to add?



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