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How To Create And Sell Your Own Hoodie Line

There is no article of clothing quite as cozy as a hoodie. If you are like most people, you probably have a few of these cozy tops. You may have thought of the perfect design to put on a hoodie, or you may have come up with a clever inspirational saying that would look great on one of these popular sweatshirts. You might even have thought you could sell your hoodie to other people, but you had no idea where to get started.




Nowadays, you can create your own fully customizable hoodies online and even sell them without ever having to pay for warehousing or inventory. There are websites that offer to print t-shirts, hoodies, and other novelty items on demand. They even give you the opportunity to sell your creations.


How to Get Started

The first thing you will want to do is decide what you want to put on your hoodie. If you are a wiz with graphic design, you may want to create something on your computer. If you would prefer to make your artwork with a pen, you can do that as well. The better on-demand printers will have the ability to upload any design.

If you think you can come up with a good catchphrase, write a few of them down and pick the best one. When you visit an on-demand printer’s website, you should see a tool where you can type in your phrase. You will be able to choose from various styles and fonts. Make sure that the lettering is legible because your brilliant idea deserves to be seen.


Order a Sample

Once you have decided what you want to appear on your hoodie, it is time to select the size and color that you want for your very first sample shirt. You may want to order a couple of samples in different fonts, so you can see which one looks best in person. Once you pay for your creation, the company will send out your very first shirt. If the quality is what you expected it to be, you can start selling it online.



How To Create And Sell Your Own Hoodie Line


Where to Sell Your Hoodie

Several different platforms will allow you to create an online store. They will normally charge a monthly fee, but your first month will often be free. You can display your sweatshirt there. It is a good idea to offer the hoodie in all different sizes, but you do not want to have an overwhelming number of styles and colors. If you have too many options, you may overwhelm your potential customers, and they may spend a lot of time shopping and never really make a decision and order your clothing.

The better print-on-demand companies will have a buy button you can install on your store. Customers will simply click the button and purchase the shirt. The on-demand company will take its fee out of the cost of the item. You should set your prices low at first. When people wear your shirt, it will function as free advertising.

You can advertise your hoodie on social media. Be sure to hashtag groups who are likely to buy your shirts on Twitter. Facebook is a great place to advertise, but you do not want to simply put your shirt on your own page. You should join groups where your customers are likely to be and post your product there. If you have a t-shirt that would be perfect for single women, join a group for single women. If you have a shirt that would be perfect for people of a certain religion, then join a group for their religion.

You can also hire social media influencers to wear your product. There are several different categories of influencers based on how many Instagram followers they have. Advertising this way can cost you thousands of dollars, but if a buyer for a store sees your hoodie and likes it, it may be worth the money.

You can also do a live campaign and hire models to wear your shirt to an event where your potential customers may be. Is your hoodie directed at fans of a certain movie? If so, you may want to send your models to a Comicon event. Are your shirts for women of a certain political persuasion? If so, you should have the models go to a rally.

You may also want to try offering free giveaways. You can use social media and give away a free hoodie to the first five people who click on your link.

Now is the perfect time to try that at-home business venture you have been putting off. When you use an on-demand printer and dropshipper, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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