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How to Create the Perfect Family Bathroom

How to Create the Perfect Family Bathroom

How to Create the Perfect Family Bathroom



How to Create the Perfect Family Bathroom – top tips

Do you wonder how to create the perfect family bathroom? The family bathroom should serve the needs of everyone, but this doesn’t mean your style barometer has to drop to zero! With a bit of planning and a few low-cost updates, you can create a beautiful space that is perfect for both you and your children. Whether you are doing a complete renovation or a simple bathroom upgrade, be inspired by these tips and tricks so you can have all the practicality and luxury you deserve.


Maximise space

When designing the layout of your family bathroom, keep it simple and avoid cramming too much in. Trying to fill your room with a twin basin, dual shower and lots of storage will leave you with no space to move around in, let alone relax in!  Prioritise what you need and opt for space-savvy fixtures. P shaped shower-baths are brilliant alternatives for the bijou bathroom and cost less to install than a separate bath and shower enclosure.  Another tip is to opt for simple rectangular wall-hung fixtures. Neat and minimalist in design, they are easier to clean and create the illusion of greater bathroom space.


Style up your storage

It can be hard to relax when you are tripping over children’s toys and toilet rolls! To keep the clutter at bay, choose bathroom storage that suits your lifestyle and budget. If you are a time-strapped parent, hanging laundry bags from a family peg rail is a fun and quirky way of keeping everything in order.  Alternatively, wall-hung wicker baskets are easy to put up and hide not-so-pretty bath items.  For larger interiors, a single or combination vanity unit will double the storage space available and stand up to the demands and chaos of a family environment. Not only do they look fantastic, but they come in a range of sizes to fit even the smallest of spaces.


How to Create the Perfect Family Bathroom – Don’t forget safety!

Never underestimate a child’s curiosity! All too often children will reach up for lotions, medicines and razors that are kept on the window sill or sink worktop. To keep those little wandering hands at bay, consider fitting a mirrored glass cabinet to the wall. Mirrored cabinets bounce the natural light around the room and blend seamlessly into almost any décor.  

Child locks, soft close toilet lids, bath mats and non-slip bath strips are also cheap to buy and are essential for avoiding any unnecessary accidents!

When choosing your shower, opt for a thermostatic model to prevent scalding. These guarantee temperature control for your children despite changes in cold and hot water pressure.



Cut down on costs to create the perfect family bathroom

To save those precious pennies, consider adding a few discrete water-saving fittings to your bathroom fixtures. Retrofit dual flushes and tap aerators are easy to install and will save you thousands of litres of water per year. Digital showers will also offer an economical showering experience for the whole family.

With optional eco-modes and timer displays, you can monitor how long your children spend in the shower so they don’t rack up the water bill!

There you have it… how to create the perfect family bathroom in 4 easy steps!


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