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How to Create the Perfect Home Office

Are you wondering how to create the perfect home office?

The last two years has introduced remote working as the new normal, with many of us quickly adjusting to this new lifestyle and the advantages that this newly discovered work-life balance can bring to our lives.

Reports reveal that 70% of us agree it’s likely we will never return to offices at the same rate we did pre-pandemic. This emphasizes that our home workspace has become more important than ever.

How to Create the Perfect Home Office

How to Create the Perfect Home Office

But how do we create the productive working environment within our homes? In this article, we share some top tips to inspire you with ways you can instantly improve your workspace.


How to Create the Perfect Home Office



Before you even think about investing in anything else to revamp your home office space, have a clear out! Clutter has a huge psychological effect on us, with recent studies from the University of California revealing that when our surroundings feel over-crowded, we can feel higher levels of stress and anxiety. Clearing your diskspace is a sure way to help you keep relaxed and organised for the working week ahead. 


How to Create the Perfect Home Office -Design Your Space

When we first entered lockdown, it seemed as though remote working was just a temporary fix that a makeshift desk would do the trick for. But now that it’s become a permanent part of our working lives, it’s important to design a multifunctional space that lends itself to productivity. Visit your local furniture store to source the perfect desk, a comfortable chair, and other office accessories to make your workspace tailored to your needs.



If you find your home office is dark and dingy and lacks natural light, investing in adequate lighting is imperative to aiding you in feeling more motivated. Not only does this brighten everything, allowing you to see much more clearly, but the illusion of sunshine can improve our mood and cement a more positive mindset for the day ahead.


How to Create the Perfect Home Office

Desk Accessories

Alongside the fundamentals, such as your desk and chair, it’s important to consider what extra equipment will make your daily work easier for you. Having dual monitors can be a great way to separate various tasks across two screens – for example, having your emails and to-do lists up on one screen, and your spreadsheets or word documents up on another.

Other accessories that might come in handy are folders, notepads, a pen pot, a calculator, highlighters, and a headset for Teams calls.


How to Create the Perfect Home Office – Add plants

For many of us, nature holds calming properties, so having a small plant or two on your desk is a great way to bring the outside in – especially if we’re cooped up all day long! Plants quite literally bring life into the room by oxygenating and purifying the air around you.

One of the best indoor plants that contributes with this is a snake plant. These absorb the toxins in the air around you and are extremely low-maintenance, requiring just a splash of water every 2-4 weeks.




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