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How to Decorate Your Home Office

Have you ever considered how to decorate your home office?

By now, most of us have become accustomed to working from home. Whether we are tapping away in our bedroom, living room, garage, or spare room, we have made the most of a bad situation.

Many of us could not possibly imagine going back to the office now that we have sampled the benefits of the flexible approach to work afforded by remote work. It means that we no longer have to waste time and money commuting to and from the office, exchanging that for more time spent with loved ones, and that we can fit in more time for looking after ourselves.

Of course, to make remote working work for both employee and employer, there has to be the same level of productivity (or more) than there was when everyone was at the workplace. To aid your efforts, decorating your home office is essential to keep you focused and motivated.


Spacious Desk

In the beginning, you may have been working on your lap, coffee table, dining table or on the edge of your bed because you simply were not equipped to work from home. You may have thought that this situation wasn’t going to last for long, so you didn’t see the need to invest in a dedicated working area.

As the weeks and months went on, it was soon apparent that this way of working may stick, so investing in a proper desk moved from being desirable to an essential. The difference that having a proper desk makes cannot be understated.



Office plants make for an attractive feature that also benefits your wellbeing – after all, they help to purify the air by breathing in carbon dioxide and breathing out oxygen. Looking after your plant doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you remember to water it regularly and place it in direct sunlight. Some types of plants can survive with little to no maintenance, such as cactuses, so it is worth doing your research.


Motivational Pictures

You are going to have moments when you feel demotivated, unfocused and are staring at the wall in search of some kind of motivation. For that, then, why not invest in something that will spark motivation, and perhaps some creativity, on your walls? It is your office, and you are free to decorate it how you see fit. Whether you prefer to hang generic motivational ‘hang in there’ type of posters or anything else that lifts your mood, then just go for it. Depending on the nature, you might want to ensure that it is out of view when on a video conference.




Proper Lighting is essential if you are to stay motivated and productive. Not only does sunlight do wonders for your general wellbeing, but working in a dark area sat in front of a computer screen for hours does nothing for your eyes, causing unnecessary strain. Natural lighting reduces the rate at which employees suffer from headaches, so parking yourself next to a large window is beneficial for keeping you on the top of your game.



Lastly, having a calendar on the wall can help you to feel organised by providing you with somewhere to pencil in important appointments, calls and/or annual leave. You can also make a point of putting deadlines on the calendar, which can be used to see where you are at a glance. Although most computers incorporate a calendar function, nothing beats having something up on the wall that you can quickly refer to without rummaging through half a dozen tabs.



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