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How to deep clean your house from top to bottom

today – how to deep clean your house from top to bottom


How to deep clean your house from top to bottom


How to deep clean your house from top to bottom and why?

The feeling of giving your house or flat a good, deep clean, right from the rafters to the carpets, can be incredibly satisfying. When it’s over and done with, you almost feel the same endorphins rushing through you as if you’d been for a jog, and you get all the satisfaction of knowing absolutely everything’s been given some TLC.

If you do it right, you’ll also be safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to think about it again for a while. It’s just the view from the starting line that can be a little daunting…


how to deep clean your house from top to bottom



We know all too well what that feeling is like, so we’ve compiled a little list of things to remember and some top tips and tricks to speed you on your way whilst you deep clean. The advice here has been gathered so that you can rest totally safe in the knowledge that everything has been mopped, scrubbed, disinfected and buffed, achieving that complete and relaxing satisfaction that only comes with the utmost thoroughness.

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How to deep clean your house from top to bottom – Let’s get started

So, snap on those marigolds, grab that vacuum, and tell those hidden germs and lurking nasties to kiss their hiding places goodbye.


How to deep clean your house from top to bottom


Get properly set up

Never has it been so true that a stitch in time saves nine. Before you start, it can be handy to assemble a little caddy of basics to take with you from room to room: the kinds of things that’ll be useful in every part of the house, so that you don’t have to traipse up and down the stairs.

Safety first, of course, which means a pair of gloves to protect you from any chemicals and bleaches you might be using.

A pack of sponges is essential for wipe-downs: colour-coding them is always handy when you want to remember which you’re using with chemicals, which for plain old wipe- and dust-downs.

A mop and bucket for any hard flooring will be useful from the off, too: hot water, floor or tile soap, and you’re ready to go.

Your trusty hoover, of course, must ride by your side wherever you go – the same goes for your duster (for added drama, stick it through your belt hoop as if it were a sword).

Surface wipes are a secret weapon and a must-have: most useful for speed and efficiency, they help tick off whole rooms in a jiffy.

Finally, a window cleaner is worth having to hand in each room: there are several great brands out there, so take your pick. A window squeegee or a bit of newspaper to wipe with can be plunked in your caddy, too.



Let’s start with what can often be the least appealing, but most sorely-needed clean: the bathroom. A toilet cleaner works wonders when released right under the inside rim and left to tackle germs, but a bit of disinfectant and elbow grease never goes amiss, too.

A top tip is to tackle the base of the toilet bowl with limescale remover, which is the quickest, most satisfying way of getting rid of that unappealing beige hue.

A dedicated limescale removing spray is super for showers: you can spray the showerhead and watch the limescale disappear from the little nozzles.

Finish with surface wipes or disinfectant for the windowsills and surfaces, and a bit of washroom cleaner for the sink and taps to really bring them up to shine: don’t forget any mirrors with your glass cleaner, and any sneaky skirting boards gathering dust, too.



How to deep clean your house from top to bottom – Bedrooms

The top tip to making your bedroom feel fully deep-cleaned is laundering your bedsheets whilst you’re at it. A surprising amount of lingering odours come from old sheets, so it’s a great way of re-setting the atmosphere in the room by zapping that stale air. Use detergent and linen disinfectant to fully eradicate any stains or smells.

Hoovering the inside of cupboards and drawers is an immensely satisfying tip that gets rid of hairs, dust and general dirt. Skirting boards are key, too: run the nozzle of the hoover over them, then use a disinfectant wipe or damp sponge to get rid of remaining stains. You’ll be surprised at the effect clean skirting has on a room: it’s like scratching an itch you’d forgotten was bothering you.



Wipe down desk surfaces, tops of drawers and wardrobes, and get that duster over any bookshelves and right up into the corners, where those charcoal-coloured, candyfloss-like cobwebs tend to lurk. Finish it off with a hoover and, if your bedroom is carpeted, a good session with some carpet cleaner properly eliminates all remaining stale odours.


How to deep clean your house from top to bottom – Hallways and Staircases

These transitional areas often go ignored in a normal house clean, but they’re also the places that tend to gather the most grit and grime. Hoovering and dusting can work wonders for these darker places, but we highly recommend a good carpet steam clean and scour if you want to go the whole hog.

Remember to shake out any mats, rugs and runners, to wipe down the stairway skirting, and give a little love to any pictures, mirrors or hallway decorations with an antibacterial wipe of the frame and a spritz of glass cleaner, so you can actually see your art prints again.


How to deep clean your house from top to bottom – Living Rooms

As well as the obvious (windows, hoover, surface wipe-down and dust), living rooms can benefit from a few key things.

A bit of wood polish for any furniture is excellent, both for its shine and for its satisfying scent: grab a good cloth to do this with – it’s worth investing in. Polishing is a tremendous way of bringing old, unloved things back to life and drawing attention to that actually pretty cool piece you inherited from granddad.



Then time to tackle floor stains, either in the carpet or on wooden boards. It’s worth checking which hoover nozzle you’re using, as this can make all the difference for extracting old grime from carpets, whilst something like an edge cleaner is great for corners, skirting and lino.

Grab some carpet stain remover or buff your boards with a bit of polish and anti-grease cleaner for the full monty. Throw the windows open whilst you go, or spray a bit of air freshener around once you’re done for a final touch.



How to deep clean your house from top to bottom –  Kitchens

Finally, there’s no avoiding it: your old nemesis, the kitchen. As well as all the usual dirty dishes and food stains, there are things like sinks, bins and cupboards to consider. Our top tip is to break it down into sections: start with cupboards, for example, then move on to drawers, surfaces, eating areas, shelves, handles and finally sinks (good to leave till last, as you’ll most likely need some water as you go for sponging and scrubbing).

To keep your kitchenware sparkling, run a dishwasher or a fill a sink with some glasswash or rinseaid and finally bust free of all those dreary limescale and hardwater splodges.

Now can be a great time to top up dishwashers with salt, spray insect killer: all those annoying little jobs that tickle the back of your brain week after week.

how to deep clean your house from top to bottom


Use some metal polish on any handles that need it, and some window cleaner to keep the sun coming through unfiltered.

Depending on what time of year it is, and whether there are any flus doing the rounds, get out your antiviral detergent for kitchen surfaces, especially around food preparation areas.

After emptying your dustbin, try a little dustbin powder to top things off: this kills bacteria and helps get rid of those nasty lingering smells that can make a kitchen feel stale.

Last but by no means least, tackle the oven with some heavy-duty grease-busting cleaner using a sponge and a scourer.


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How to deep clean your house from top to bottom

How to deep clean your house from top to bottom and keep yourself clean too

At the end of it all, remember to do your own hands with some soap or sanitiser, especially if you’ve been cleaning toilets or scrubbing at floors. If you can, opt for eco-friendly products where possible, to keep the planet clean and fresh whilst you’re at it too.

And that’s it, you’re done! Time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your hard-earned pristine peace of mind.


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