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How To Design A Mindfulness Space In Your Garden

Mindfulness Space In Your Garden


How To Design A Mindfulness Space In Your Garden


Surrounding yourself with nature offers a great number of health benefits.

As a result, if you’re thinking about creating a mindfulness space in your home, then the garden is the perfect choice.

After all, it’s a place where you can get away from the stresses and strains of life and reconnect with all of the beautiful nature that surrounds you.


How To Design A Mindfulness Space In Your Garden

Whether you own an acre of land or a small patio area, it’s easy to design an outdoor mindfulness space that suits your home. Just follow these five top tips.



Focus on the view – when creating a Mindfulness Space In Your Garden

The best garden mindfulness spaces will distract you from everyday life. So, select a part of your garden where you can absorb the best possible view. This can be a landscape you love, a treeline or a wider part of nature.

Once you’ve selected the perfect location for your mindfulness area, add some garden furniture to your chosen space.

There are plenty of stylish garden furniture options available online, and you should choose options that allow you to create a seating area that’s multi-purpose.

This is because – although being alone is useful for mindfulness – you’ll also want to have enough seating so that you can enjoy the space with friends and family, too.

After all, creating precious memories there will only improve your relationship with the space and will give you something for your mind to focus on.


Add shrubbery and blooming flowers

Once you’ve decided where you’d like to place your mindfulness area and you’ve added the garden furniture, you need to think about how you can connect the space with the nature around you. Adding trees and plants is a great way of doing this because they can attract wildlife.

Plus, blooming flowers can also add a fragrance that will help with your mindfulness.

For example, lavender scents will not only attract bees, but they will help to calm you and improve your sleep, according to scientific studies.



Water creates serenity – How To Design A Mindfulness Space In Your Garden

If you have the space in your garden, then installing a water feature in your mindfulness area will add an instant sense of serenity.

Plus, not only will your water feature help you relax and unwind, but flowing water features also improve the quality of the air around you.

In addition, if you’re a believer in the Chinese study of feng shui, you’ll also know that flowing water can attract wealth if you put your water feature in the right place.

If you’re limited by either space or budget and you cannot afford a flowing water feature, then add a simple bird bath. This way, you can still add some water to the space, while attracting and nourishing even more wildlife to your mindfulness area.


Add a focal point

In mindfulness and meditation spaces, focal points are often used to represent large natural forces.

For example, people often use large rocks or boulders in order to represent mountains, while large lamps are used to represent illuminated thought.

By adding a large sculpture or a boulder to your mindfulness space, you’ll find it easier to focus and access a zen-like state. Sculpture can work really well to add a mindfulness space to your garden


Remember that simplicity is key for a Mindfulness Space In Your Garden

Although a few significant features like garden furniture, a water feature and a focal point can help awaken your senses, you want to keep your mindfulness space simple and clutter-free. If not, you’ll find that it’s hard to remain calm and focused.

So, consider every design choice you make carefully and ponder whether you simply like the item you’ve found or whether it will significantly enhance the space and make it more mindful.


How To Design A Mindfulness Space In Your Garden


Follow these top tips and you’ll find it easy to transform a small section of your garden into a space that’s perfect for mindfulness and meditation.

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