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How to dress in your 60’s: top tips from fashion experts

How to dress in your 60’s

We won’t bore you with the whole “60 is the new 40” discussion, but there’s never been a better time to be a sexagenarian. The only thing is, you need to know how to put the effort in and what to avoid.

 How to dress in your 60’s


How to dress in your 60’s

Here are some top tips:


Keep it classic

A huge advantage of being in your 60’s is that you’ll have gone through, and possibly tried, every fashion trend imaginable. In that case, you shouldn’t feel like you need to succumb to the latest styles as most are designed with a younger audience in mind. Choosing a classic style will allow you to look much more stylish than mimicking something directly from the middle pages of Vogue.


Think of your handbag as a sartorial investment 

A lot of women tend to feel uncomfortable splurging money on a decent handbag; we think this has something to do with age. However, you should think of a handbag as a piece of jewellery, an investment that you’ll pass down to your children and grandchildren who will undoubtedly enjoy its vintage feel.


Don’t be predictable

Just because you’re over 60 doesn’t mean you have to spend your days in dreary, nondescript style territory. Use what you wear to bring out your best features, whether that be your hourglass figure or slender legs. Ditch the predictable black trousers for something like a pair of high-waisted velvet bottoms. If you’re struggling to find something that suits your shape, take a look at Ashleigh Plus Size, a site that’s dedicated to finding the best deals on plus-size trends.


Go beyond greige is how to dress in your 60’s

Trust us when we say that unless you’ve spent a few weeks in the South of France soaking up the sun, greige is not a colour that will look good on you. Instead, switch to more life-enhancing shades that suit your skin tone. Start with what are considered to be chic neutrals such as chocolate, navy and bottle green. Play around with monochrome as much as you can. Metallic shades can also help to illuminate your skin.


Blow your budget on good tailoring

Tailoring is an art and something that’s absolutely essential when it comes to clothing older women. We’re not saying that shopping on the high-street isn’t encouraged. But with so many mass-produced clothing out there it can be difficult to find something that fits your shape perfectly. Find a good tailor that you trust and take advantage of their skills. You’ll be surprised at how much better your favourite dress fits once it’s been taken in at the waist a little.


Once you hit 40, here’s what to avoid – How to dress in your 60’s

While you shouldn’t let your age stop you from wearing certain things, or experimenting with certain looks. Here’s what you should definitely steer clear of once you’ve passed 40…

Mom jeans, cheap jewellery, grunge, sheer tights, spaghetti straps, heavy eyeliners, neglected nails, messy hair are all a big no-no!





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