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How to Dress to Stay Warm When It’s Chilly Outside

Regarding your winter wardrobe, your number one priority should be to protect yourself from freezing temperatures. When it’s chilly outdoors, that doesn’t mean you can’t look the part when you’re out and about. There are lots of ways you can have fun with winter fashion that will not only help you put together quirky outfits but keep you nice and toasty in the process too.

To help you look and feel great during the colder weather, follow our advice below.


Wear Three Layers

The first rule of thumb is to wear three layers. These are your base layer, middle layer, and outer layer. Your base layer may comprise of silk underwear, a pair of leggings, and a wool turtleneck. These will keep you toasty without making you sweat. Regarding your middle layer, you may want to throw on a thick fleece that’s great for insulation. Finally, your outer layer should be a winter parka or coat. This will serve as a barrier against the chilly temperatures.


How to Dress to Stay Warm When It’s Chilly Outside


Keep It Tight

To prevent wind chill, we advise you to opt for tight-fitting clothing. This means if you’re always donning baggy jeans, it’s time to swap them for skinny ones. Skinny jeans visually balance out oversize knit jumpers and chunky boots. Check out Luella who have a wide collection of cashmere knitwear and jumpers that will keep you warm. They are specialists when it comes to unique knitwear collections.


Avoid Cotton

While we fully appreciate cotton for what it is – an amazing, breathable material, it retains a lot of water which isn’t great for winter weather. Instead of sticking to corduroy pants or plaid flannel shirts, it’s wise to leave them in your wardrobe for the spring and autumn. It’s best to opt for wool pants, rather than denim during the winter.


Invest In a Long Coat

Sure, a cropped puffer may look trendy and go well with your outfits. However, your number one goal during the chilly weather is to stay warm! Because of this, you’ll need to cover your entire torso which is where a long coat comes into the equation. Make sure you’ve got at least one long coat that you can throw on before braving the outdoors!


How to Dress to Stay Warm When It’s Chilly Outside

Stock Up on Accessories

Make sure you kit your wardrobe out with plenty of winter-appropriate accessories. These include scarves, gloves, and hats. All three can truly elevate your outfit while keeping you warm and snug. A colourful cashmere beanie can add a pop of colour to any dreary winter look. Wearing a hat can protect your hair from the elements too while keeping your whole body nice and warm – a win-win!

Whether you’re a lover of the colder weather or not, see this as a chance to layer on your favourite clothes. There are plenty of ways you can stay warm and cosy while still looking fabulous! Following all the above will help keep your body warm and ensure you’re wearing the right outfits for the temperature outside.



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