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How to drink more water – 10 BEST hydration hacks

Simple hydration hacks to help you learn how to drink more water.


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How to drink more water  – Simple hydration hacks

Do you want to know how to drink more water? Are you looking for simple hydration hacks? We all know we should definitely be drinking more water but knowing HOW how to drink more water is still an issue for many of us. We need some simply hydration hacks!

Our bodies are made up of mostly water. in fact, 60% of our bodies are made up of water! 

When we neglect to give our bodies the water it needs we can quickly become dehydrated and sick. If you are not one that enjoys a glass of water regularly you may be struggling to keep hydrated.

So how do you drink more water to help keep healthy? read on to see how these simple hydration hacks can help


how to drink more water

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How to drink more water – easy hydration hacks that really work

There are so many benefits to drinking water here are just a few. The evidence is scientific and compelling we really should be drinking enough water – it is SO good for us!

Water can benefit you in so many ways including:

  1. Giving you a clear and fresh complexion
  2. Aids memory and brain function
  3. Improves physical performance
  4. Help relieve headaches
  5. Relieves constipation
  6. Prevents hangovers
  7. Helps weight loss
  8. Can relieve kidney stones

Truly, simply hydration hacks can make all the difference. How to drink more water? Well it is pretty easy really.

Source: Healthline


How much water should we drink

Most articles and most sources  and most Health authorities commonly recommend you drink daily eight 8-ounce glasses, this equals about 2 litres.  The NHS recommends in climates such as the UK’s, we should drink about 1.2 litres (six to eight glasses) of fluid every day to stop us getting dehydrated ‘

Water is a healthy and cheap choice for quenching your thirst at any time. It has no calories and contains no sugars that can damage teeth.’

The NHS strongly recommend we drink water!


How to drink more water … top tips

try the following on your quest of how to drink more water


Hydration Hacks include counting it up

Try for a week to keep track of how many glasses of water you drink a day I think you will be most surprised how little it is. Aim to raise this to the limit guide of 6-8 glasses a day. Then stay keenly aware of how different you feel. Journal this too and I am sure you will see a direct correlation. This is one of the most simple hydration hacks


How to drink more water – add flavouring

If mild flavouring can help entice you to drink more water try fruit infused water. Simply place cut up fruit in water and let sit for at least 30 minutes. This can be done with nearly any fruit but you will find a stronger flavour from ripe juicy fruits.

Some great options include Cucumber and mint, lemon, and strawberry or strawberry kiwi. Play around with combinations of fruits you find on sale as they are in season to find flavours that you love.

If you need a stronger flavour to entice you to drink more water you can find a large variety of water flavourings at your local grocery store. Look for an option with as little added chemicals as you can find to help get the most benefit from the water you are drinking. Remember caffeine added varieties will dehydrate.


How to drink more water


Take it with you – super simple hydration hacks

A great way to ensure that you drink more water is to carry water with you. This keeps water handy when you get thirsty so you are less likely to seek out beverages that dehydrate. Carrying water with you makes drinking water more convenient and serves as a reminder to drink through the day as you grab the bottle to go place to place.

Do consider a refillable bottle – this will save you tons of money in the long run and is SO much better for the environment. Plus they are just so stylish these days! How to drink more water  with style right there!


How to drink more water


Setting reminders on your phone is how to drink more water

I great way to drink more water is to set reminders on your phone. Your phone is always with you making it hard to miss reminders and alarms set through the day. Set these reminders to go off periodically to help you build the habit or drinking water at regular intervals.


Keep it handy – the simplest of all the hydration hacks

A water jug or pitcher in the fridge of super cold and makes it just so much easier to grab a glass when you fancy it.



How to drink more water


Keep it filtered

Filtered water just tastes so much better and removes all the nasties that is why so many of us buy it. But avoid the plastic culture and the cost by having your own inexpensive water filter and you are bound to drink more of it


How to drink more water – try making pretty ice cubes

If you find water boring then why not pretty it up with some coloured ice cubes.  A simple change up that can make a big impact. 

I am just absolutely loving the ice cube trays stars, shells and hearts – wouldn’t these make your drinks WAY more fun. You might also want to consider an ice making machine

hydration hacks


Adding other things in can count too –  simple hydration hacks can be tasty!

Water, lower fat milk and sugar-free drinks, including tea and coffee, all count according to the NHS when it come sot getting the right amount and type of hydration. The crucial thing is not to add sugar and keep your milk fat content low.


Keep it on your desk

I don’t know about you but I can work for ages without moving from my desk when I get absorbed in a task. This can be bad for my posture and my joints and terrible for my water intake! It’s really smart to fill your water bottle  just as if you were going about and keep it on your desk within handy reach,


How to drink more water? make it a habit

So how do we make drinking water a habit? After following a cleanse last year I got into the early morning habit of having hot water and lemon before I did anything else. Whilst this felt strange at first I soon got used to it and found it both soothing and energising.

I also got into the great habit of having a drink of water before a meal.

This helped both cleanse my palate and fill my tummy a little so I ate less. It is widely reported that people often mistake thirst for hunger so by filling up on the water you will know how hungry you really are  rather than mistaking it for thirst,


How to drink more water


How to Drink more water if you are sick

Drink more if you are ill, if you are exercising or if you are hot as obviously your body is losing more water at these times and this will help replace it. It is a very simple solution, always accessible and usually free so definitely make it your very first port of call if you feel unwell


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