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How to Enjoy a Luxury Weekend in London For Less

Sometimes the view of London alone feels like the most special experience


London is one of the most expensive cities on the planet, the sixth most to be precise. It’s also a fascinating city to visit and most of us really should try to, the problem is, it can be prohibitively expensive. Rental prices are six times as high as Geneva and double that of Paris, meaning that hotels tend to follow suit. The ubiquitous standard of working out how expensive a city is, the price of a pint of beer, is £5.33 in London, only San Fransisco beats it with theirs at £5.73. Whilst it makes for interesting statistics, it also makes for an expensive holiday!

If you’re keen to visit London, but a little concerned about how you’re going to make ends meet, then we’ve pulled together the perfect guide for you. Often budget guides have you scrimping at every corner and feeling a little jealous of those who are on a more luxurious break. Well, this guide is not like those. We’ve scoured the streets of London to find the very best value possible, whilst ensuring you always feel like you’re living the high life. So, without further ado, here’s how you can enjoy a little bit of London luxury, on a shoestring.


The Best Things in Life are Free

One of the most important things to know before travelling to the UK, in particular London, is that often the best things in life really are free here! Being such a small island with so much history packed in, a lot of the most interesting sights are found along the streets. Beautiful Victorian terraces, unusual church spires, works of outstanding modernist architecture, they’re all beautiful and they’re all free if you don’t mind a walk. That’s why for the first London destination, we’re heading somewhere that you can look out over the whole city, totally free of charge; the Sky Garden. You’ll find this beautiful destination in the building fondly known as the ‘walkie talkie’. It’s essential to book a time slot ahead, as then you can skip the queues, take the elevator straight up the building and enjoy the views for free. Whilst it can be nice to treat yourself to a drink as you spot the landmarks below, there’s no obligation to, so this could whole experience could be done on no budget at all, or the price of a, very nice, cocktail, around £13.00.


Enjoy the Hippodrome for Half the Price

London is famous for its gaming culture, whether it’s James Bond sat at a poker table, or having a flutter on horse racing, the sport of kings, it seems that everyone in the city enjoys gaming as a pastime. Unfortunately enjoying the best gaming experiences can be expensive and going to the lesser casinos just isn’t as glamorous. So, we’ve got an idea for you! The Hippodrome is one of  London’s oldest and most fascinating casinos. Thousands of famous faces have been through the doors to play in the luxury games rooms and the architecture of the building itself is stunning. However, it’s very expensive. Thankfully the Hippodrome is just across the road from a brilliant pub, that’s a lot more budget-friendly and has fabulous views of its famous facade. So, grab yourself a seat in the window at Brewmaster, order their pint and a burger meal for £15.99 and look at the best side of the Hippodrome, the outside.

The other great thing about Brewmaster, particularly for those hoping to enjoy some of the inside of a casino is that they offer free wifi. Free wifi with which they are absolutely happy for you to play at the best online casinos in the UK. Vegas Slots Online has put together a handy list of all of the casinos available in this country, that are safe and secure, user friendly, and most importantly, are offering competitive deals. The deal that you choose is up to you, but you could find a £100 welcome bonus, a deposit match up to £1000 or 100 free spins. Whichever you choose, we can guarantee that The Hippodrome, beautiful as it is, won’t be offering that.


Hang With the Greats


The National Gallery feels exclusive but it’s totally free

Whilst the majority of cities across the world have an entrance fee for their museums and galleries, the vast majority in London are publically owned, meaning that they’re free to enter. There are donation boxes at the entrance, so if you’re feeling generous you can throw some coins in, but it’s certainly not obligatory. With this tip you could easily spend a whole week wandering around London and enjoying the artwork, it all depends on the kind of art that interests you the most. However, this time we’re going to visit the biggest art museum in the capital, The National Gallery. Situated on Trafalgar Square, you can stop for an Instagram-worthy picture sat on the back of one of the majestic bronze lions and take a minute to enjoy the beautiful fountains and the ever-changing artworks on the Fourth Plinth.

Once you’ve taken all of that in, step inside and take a moment to marvel at the expansiveness of the building. Enormously high domed ceilings, all painted with delicate frescoes makes this space immediately feel like the ultimate luxury. If you can tear your eyes away from the columns, arches and ceilings, then you’ll notice the stunning artwork. The gallery is laid out helpfully in order of the dates of the paintings, so you can walk all the way through the renaissance, marvelling at the skill with which the figures are painted and the drama of the scenes. You could choose to spend some time daydreaming with the impressionists. The way they capture the glimmering of water, or the breeze in the trees. Whichever art movement speaks to you, the National Gallery will have a whole room dedicated to it. What could feel more exclusive than that?



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