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How to enjoy your garden in Autumn

Today – How to enjoy your garden in Autumn

Do you feel once summer has ended your days in the garden are numbered?


How to enjoy your garden in Autumn


How to enjoy your garden in Autumn

A lot of people think that the end of summer means that the season for going outside is over. I totally feel like that sometimes too.Once it starts to get a little chilly it is rather lovely to curl up inside with a  good book isn’t it?

But autumn can be such a beautiful time of year and it is a real shame to overlook this time year when it comes to  spending time in your own garden.

If you have kids, autumn is an amazing time to spend outside with them as the weather is cool but it isstill fairly light. If you don’t have kids, it’s the perfect time to get your garden ready for next year, and even plant vegetables and other plants that will do well over the winter.I just adore planting – it is so hopeful!

Your garden doesn’t have to turn into a wasteland over the winter months!  It can still be useful and it can still very much be used.  There are loads of ways to ensure you can keep getting outside and enjoying your garden, even as it gets darker and colder.


Autumnal Animals

As anyone who has watched BBC Autumnwatch will know, nature doesn’t stop just because the sun stops shining.

In fact even if you don’t have little ones, autumn is  a great time to get out animal spotting in your garden. It’s such a goof time to put out bird feeders, for any migrating birds. Itis also a brilliant time to build bird boxes for the birds that stay close to home over the winter. You might also find hedgehogs preparing for hibernation, so if you’re doing any landscaping make sure to watch out for them.  You can even DIY a hedgehog house for them, to keep them safe and warm through the winter. How much fun would that be.


The October light – How to enjoy your garden in Autumn

It is gorgeous to be out gardening in the October light.

 October is definitely the time for clearing up. Maintaining your garden can be really peaceful and therapeutic, with or without kids Inspiring them to like getting their hands a bit dirty and enjoy being outside is easy in the autumn, when the jobs that need doing are all mucky and squechy – kids juts love that

Keep leaf fall under control by trying to get outside and clear the leaves as often as possible – at least once a week until the leaves stop falling! If you collect them in a leaf bag, they’ll turn into leaf mould over time, which is a great soil conditioner you can use in the coming summers. They’re also great in compost, so if you don’t have a compost heap or bin, get started! You can dispose of fruit and veg food waste in there too.

With all the rainfall, the grass is sure to grow lots too.

If you keep leaf fall under control, it’ll be the healthiest your lawn has ever looked. You will be so proud of it. Keep cutting it once a week or so up until mid November, when you can put away the lawn mower for the new year. Make sure the last cut is slightly longer than normal, which will help to protect the garden from winter frost. This is so worth doing.


how to enjoy your garden in autumn



Make the most of it

Autumn can still be mild and temperate, with bright blue skies. It’s not all doom and cold and gloom.

It is probably my favourite seaon actually!

Maximise your time outside by ensuring you have high quality furniture, lighting and even maybe heaters outside. #

Investing in something like luxury rattan furniture ensures you’ll have happy, comfortable autumns for years to come. If you’ve got nice quality furniture in your garden, make the most of it by throwing a final garden party to wave goodbye to summer, or have everyone over for a bonfire. But don’t forget your throws/


Grow what you eat – How to enjoy your garden in Autumn

You don’t need to stop growing food because of Autumn

Whilst it’s harder to grow a full diet of fresh, seasonal fruit and veg over the colder months, there are lots of veggies you can plant in early autumn and harvest through winter and spring. You can plant leeks, onions, parsnips, peas, radishes, spinach, turnips, swedes, cabbage, broccoli,   cauliflower, beetroot, carrots and more. Ensure they’re planted as early as possible in the autumn to make sure they’re established before the cold really hits.

A great thing about autumn veggies is that they require less maintenance as less water is needed due to a slower evaporation rate and more rain. Your plants will only need watering over longer dry spells.



And winter? Well it is defintely looming. As it gets darker and colder, it’s still just as important to spend time outside. Let me know how you continue to get outside through autumn and winter!


how to enjoy your garden in autumn


How to enjoy your garden in Autumn – final thoughts

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how to enjoy your garden in autumn

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