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How to Entertain and Educate Bored Children – 5 Best Ideas

How to Entertain and Educate Bored Children – have you been wondering ! let’s take a look at some top tips.


How to entertain and educate bored children


How to entertain and educate bored children is a guest post by Ross Hansen

It’s been a difficult, anxious few months for parents and they have been struggling with how to entertain and educate bored children. Following the closure of schools during lockdown, many have had to take on educational responsibilities on top of their other commitments.

Keeping bored children entertained and educated throughout the whole day can be an impossible task, especially if parents have to deal with their own work at the same time.


How to entertain and educate bored children

A new study from Churchill illustrates just how stretched parents have been during lockdown. 27% of the parents surveyed were concerned that they weren’t spending as much time with their children as they should have been, and 75% said that children were spending less time on schoolwork despite their best efforts to help. 

Although schools look set to open for the new term, uncertainty still remains. It’s not clear how long they will be able to stay open for in the event of a second wave, and many parents are understandably anxious.

Until then, of course, there are still a few weeks of the summer break left to fill with activities. 

So, if you’re a parent looking for inspiration, read on.


Virtual tours


How to entertain and educate bored children


Now, with the wonders of technology, children can virtually visit museums, galleries and even zoos. This is a great way to give bored kids a (virtual) change of scene, and educate them at the same time. Whether they want to see the paintings of Van Gogh or the bones of a T-Rex, virtual tours can bring children close to the wonders of the world from the comfort of their own living rooms. 

If you’re teaching your kids from home, you could incorporate these tours into your lesson plans; providing extra colour to your lessons and bringing the world more vividly to life.


The great outdoors – How to Entertain and Educate Bored Children

It may have slipped down the pecking order in the digital age, what with iPads, TVs, and games consoles to keep children occupied, but the great outdoors can be a fantastic (and healthy) source of entertainment for your children.

Fresh air, exercise, and being around green spaces have all been proven to have beneficial effects on our wellbeing. This is all very well, you might be thinking, but where’s the appeal for my bored child?

Exercising outdoors releases endorphins, which have been associated with improvements in mood – so they’ll probably end up enjoying themselves, regardless of whether they thought they would or not!



For educational value, you can turn your time outdoors into a biology field trip. Take notebooks and sketchbooks, and observe the natural world around you. Whether it’s sketching a tree or making notes on the different insects you find, the natural world can be a fantastic educational resource. 

When you return home, too, your children will feel mentally refreshed from their time outdoors and be able to concentrate more effectively for any further lessons.


Board games

Board games are another stellar choice for family entertainment. Once the whole family gets into the game, the hours can fly by – yes really. Games like Monopoly are old favourites, but there are newer (and possibly more exciting alternatives) available too, including more educational options. Letter-based games can improve your children’s language skills and vocabulary, while there are also games to test geographical and historical knowledge. Whether your child is a fan of the Egyptians, the Romans, dinosaurs, or science, you’ll soon find that there’s an educational board game to match their interests! 



The right kind of arty activity can be educational and entertaining at the same time – your kids will probably welcome the opportunity to throw some paint around! Don’t feel you have to limit yourself to paint and paper, though. Sculpting dough can be bought cheaply nowadays, and it provides a more sensory route into artistic expression for reluctant learners.

Do you think you’ll give any of these ideas a try? Let us know in the comments below, or feel free to make your own suggestions. 


How to entertain and educate bored children is a featured post



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