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How to Feel More Excited About Life

Today – How to Feel More Excited About Life

How to Feel More Excited About Life


How to Feel More Excited About Life

Are you wondering how to feel more excited about life?

Does your life lack that excitement and element of newness to it? Does waking up in the morning turn out to be the most dreadful part of your day, and is your life feeling like a different level of monotonous altogether? It’s time to turn things around and make it all exciting!

Read on to discover 5 super effective ways to stop feeling stuck and bored, and start feeling more excited about life.

I bet you can hardly wait to  learn these how to be more excited about life hacks- are you feeling more excited already? Something to look forward to does often seem to have that effect! 


How to Feel More Excited About Life


Discover a New Hobby

Discovering a new hobby is one of the simplest ways to invite some excitement into your life. Try your hand at something new- something you haven’t done before, and step outside your comfort zone. Taking a new path will not just keep you occupied but will help you make new friends, discover something you haven’t before, and even get a new perspective on things. Plus, when you pick up a new hobby and spend time on it, you’ll actually feel less stressed out and happier in general. Such a simple solution and such an effective and easy to implement idea and a top way to help you


How to Feel More Excited About Life?  Travel

Ah, travel is just fabulous isn’t it.It always works for me,

Another quick way to get excited and find happiness in living your life is to travel. Travelling can lend you a different experience in all senses, and you’ll also get to learn so much new in the process. Even if it is just a short one-day road trip to somewhere nearby, do it! Take some time off and travel to someplace new, who knows who you will meet and what you will discover along the way. Just planning a trip can raise thje excitement levels – and do take lots of photos too. Talking about your trip later will help you feel more excited than ever!

Traveliing is justawesome – friom who you travel with, the things you see and those memories you make on your journey.


How to Feel More Excited About Life



Do Something That Scares You –  a great way to Feel More Excited About Life

Stepping outside of your comfort zone and doing something that scares you is another way to invite that feeling of exhilaration into your life. Jump over that metaphorical wall and embrace new experiences that life brings along for you. Whether you’re working on a new report or just driving your way to work, do it in a different method and take a different route than you usually do. You’ll be surprised at how effective this little change can be!  

Whether it be a bungee jump, digging in the freezer ( is that just me?) sky diving, calling up a long-forgotten friend, saying sorry to someone or any one of a number of scary options challenging yourself will definitely add a little edge to your life. Just do it. You may never realise how fabulous something can be until you have faced it down.


How to Feel More Excited About Life? Set a New Goal

Oh I so just adore setting new goals, how about you?

If your life seems to lack that excitement and drive, setting a new goal for yourself can turn things around. Most of us feel lazy and demotivated because we don’t have a goal that we’re passionate about. Set a goal for yourself- something that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning- something that inspires you and makes your eyes twinkle!

And oh my goodness how excited are you going to a feel when you achieve that new goal too. It will just be absolutely amazing right?

What goals do you have? I have so many things to do on my path of how to feel more excited about life

  • I want to weigh in at 8 stone 10
  • Publish 10 books in my lifetime
  • Secure my kids future
  • Go to Montana and ride a horse across the plains
  • Raise 1 million pounds for Sightsavers
  • Build a school in my mum’s memory

I also want to learn how to be content and happy and raise my kids to be confident loving and kind.

So just a few for me then! Love to hear your goals – do drop me a comment and let me what you are planning to do on your quest how to feel more excited by life


How to Feel More Excited About Life


Make New Friends

Last, but definitely not the least, try making new friends. Such a top tip on the journey of How to Feel More Excited About Life

Friends are simply magic aren’t they – they add so very much to your life. I honestly do not know where I would be without my staunch, lovely, loyal and supportive friends. They have definitelay taught me how to be more excited about life

Humans thrive and find happiness in their social circle, and if your monotonous routine isn’t letting you make new friends and meet old ones, maybe it is time to reconsider and replan your day! Make time to be social and interact with people who make living life fun. Hang around those who are passionate about living life, and you’ll find yourself affected by their infectious energy!

I really hope these tips on how to feel more excited about life work for you and give you a buzz, but more than that aI hope they bring you a sense of fulfilment and deep-rooted joy

Do you feel like you now know …

How to Feel More Excited About Life?

Oh I hope so life, after all, is all about really living,



Over to you and your tips on How to Feel More Excited About Life

As regular readers know I do absolutely love to hear from you. So, if you have any ideas how to How to Feel More Excited About Life than do please drop them into the comments below.


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