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How To Find A Professional Floor Fitter


If you are planning to shell out for a new floor, you should think about the installation procedure because the floor fitter you pick is just as crucial as the floor itself. After all, what is the purpose of spending money on a high-quality floor if it is not properly installed?

Choosing the appropriate floor fitter may be a challenging undertaking because there are so many flooring companies to choose from. Take a look at our tips on choosing the correct floor fitter for your house to help you make the right selection. 

Below, you will find all the things you need to consider when trying to choose the right professional floor fitter for your project.


What Kind Of Floor Are You Having Fitted?

Are you thinking of replacing the carpet in your living room with hardwood? Maybe you want to use laminate instead of vinyl tile in the kitchen.

These days, solid wood flooring is a popular option. And it is no surprise. It looks great when fitted and keeps its appearance and charm for years. There is also less upkeep compared with carpeted floors.

To have your solid wood flooring appear its best, you will need to hire a floor installer. Find someone who has already placed numerous hardwood floors and is confident in their talents. Whatever you decide, you will need to know how to identify the best floor fitter for the task.


Ask For Recommendations

Because floor fitting is a relatively common building project, asking around to check if any of your family, friends, or neighbors have used a trustworthy and dependable tradesperson is the best method to locate the correct floor fitter.

Hiring a floor installer based on a referral ensures that your floor will be fitted appropriately by a skilled specialist.


Check Customer Reviews

Hiring a floor fitter who has earned positive client feedback is the next best thing to a reference. Look at the company’s website testimonials or social media comments for consumer feedback.

You can find out more about how a floor fitter works and the types of flooring they specialize in by reading past client reviews.



Check Their Qualifications

Checking the qualifications of the individual or organization you are employing is another excellent technique to verify their dependability. On their websites, floor-fitting businesses frequently feature trade organizations such as FITA (Flooring Industry Training Association) or NICF (National Institute of Carpet and Floor Layers).


Request Previous Work Images

You might get images of prior work from the floor fitter you choose to guarantee their competence. They could point you to their website or social media accounts, where you can see photographs of their floor installations.

This can also benefit you if you are looking for flooring ideas since expert floor fitters usually have samples of their work that may be matched to your current design.


Obtain Multiple Quotes

To prevent yourself from overpaying for a task, obtain at least three quotations from various floor fitters. This can assist you in comprehending the average cost of flooring installation while also determining who is giving questionably low or high-priced services.

Avoid going with the cheapest estimate since inexpensive might often equal inferior quality services. Instead, go with a floor fitter who gives reasonable pricing and documentation to back up the cost.

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