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How to find love over 60

How to find love over 60. Hmmm…let us take a look. 

Ah, love, it can prove elusive no matter what our age can’t it? But it isn’t really it is just waiting in the wings (or on a dating website.)



Divorced or widowed

The older years however can be fraught with doubts about dating. It may be that you are recently widowed and have actually been with one person for years and years and dating may be a really strange concept for you and rather terrifying.

You may be recently divorced. There is a rise in silver splitters as the media have termed them. Divorce among people aged 60 and over in England and Wales has risen since over the last 30 years according to the Office of National Statistics – whilst nationally, among other age groups, it has fallen.

Perhaps because we live longer and are healthier longer we see our 60’s as the time for a new lease of life rather than more of the same until we die? Women are increasingly more independent financially now to so it is not quite SO hard for them to leave.

Whatever reason you might find yourself single in your 60’s (perhaps you have never settled down?) age is merely a number and should not put you off the dating game.



Aren’t you too old to look for love?

Dates are for everyone as are dating sites and whilst you might be full of fear and trepidation there is a whole world of romance just waiting for you to enter. Pluck up that courage and give it a go is what I say.  Your kids might shake their heads and your married neighbour’s mutter but you need to focus on you and why shouldn’t you have that first kiss, that candlelit meal, the picnic by the river and the companionship at the theatre. You have an absolute right to be happy no matter how old you are.


How to find love over 60

So we have determined it is your right to find love and your circumstances may well have led you to this point but then there is the issue of where do you find a date? A

senior dating site is what you want.

Rather than date within your small community whee the pickings may be small and everyone knows your business a dating site that deliberately and specifically caters to older people will be just right.

You probably want something a little more lasting and a little more gentle in your later years ( though perhaps not!)  and a senor site will be more geared towards your needs.

I would strongly urge you to give this a try. I have known a fair few people who have found love through senior dating sites so why not you too?


Embrace the digital age – How to find love over 60

The digital age is going nowhere and has many perks finding a soulmate, a dinner date, a fun friend is just one of them and it is definitely how you find love over 60.

Entering the dating world in your 60s can bring up various emotions and uncertainties. A male companion  can provide emotional support, listen to your concerns, and be a source of comfort during this transition.

How to find love over 60 is a feature post


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