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How to Find the Best Property Stylists For Your Upcoming Event in Sydney

Best Property Stylists can feel elusive  but are worth their weight in gold. Here is how to find them

The choice of location makes a big difference in how well an event will be perceived. Sydney is a top-notch choice, as it sets the right mood with awe-filled views of the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, and many other attractions. Its reputation as a tourist destination attracted 44.9 M visitors in 2019, making it a hotspot for all sorts of events.

However, you will need to set-up the event space to make it a huge success. This is where property stylists like huntleyandco.com.au come in. These professionals will arrange everything in the place according to your vision. And Sydney has some experienced agencies that will provide your event with top-notch styling solutions.

You can use the following means to find the best property stylist for your event:


Best Property Stylists


Best Property Stylists Ascertain Your Wants and Needs

You will need to have a firm idea about the details of your event. Be sure of its purpose, how you wish to conduct it, what components you’ll need to accomplish it, the event’s theme, and the building/location where you want to hold it.

This certainty will provide the clarity you need to plan and execute the event well. You can then choose your event property stylist based on these details.


Review Their History and Reputation

Quality businesses are carried ahead by their reputation. If your Sydney based event stylist has their name at the top of online review lists, then it’s a good sign. Word-of-mouth reputation is also a good indicator. You’re less likely to be disappointed if you go by these indicators.

Scan through their past work to get an idea of what they have to offer. Pictures of past events on their website, social media, and other places on the internet will showcase their capabilities. Visiting their office and talking to them helps as well.


Best Property Stylists

Best Property Stylists

Best Property Stylists – Check the Services They Offer

Not all property stylists are the same. Some specialise in certain types of events, like corporate, for example. Others are well suited to work on informal ones, like weddings and beach parties. Sydney offers this selectivity because it housed 480,910 businesses in 2015 itself. It also has 23 beaches, with some stretching for long distances.

You must therefore thoroughly check all the services your property stylist has to offer. Also, enquire about any extra services they can accommodate for the event which is not part of the package. Determine if they will be able to get you the location, or if they can provide the services at the location of your choosing.



Know Their Terms and Conditions

You must learn of all the applicable terms and conditions before you sign the contract.

The clauses will detail things like what they will do if things go out of order, payments for damages, the changes that will and won’t be allowed, pricing, etc. It will protect against untoward charges and mishaps during the event.


The right event property stylist will help create a lifetime of memories for everyone to cherish.



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