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How to Find the Perfect Prom Dress – Simple Guide

How to find the perfect prom dress – a simple guide


How to find the perfect prom dress



Do you wonder how to find the perfect prom dress?

How to find the perfect prom dress – this is something many, many young girls worry about each year.

Have you ever been to prom?

When I was young they were just an American thing’ not a British thing at all. Instead, we had end of year discos in the school hall that were always a bit sweaty and none too elegant! The boys never asked the girls to dance unless it was to slow song at the end. We turned up in our parent’s cars or on the public bus. No elegant limo rides for us in them days. We certainly never EVER got given a flower corsage by some handsome guy or had photos taken of us as a ‘lovely couple’. Sigh.

We used to wear our rara skirts or our best skinny jeans and Wham! t-shirts. Oh, they were the days! Nothing like the classy proms of today that mark the end of the school years. Oh how I would LOVE to have gone to a prom. I used to read all these teen American books where THE most romantic things happened at proms.


How to find the perfect prom dress


How to find the perfect prom dress & why it is so important!

It wasn’t just for the romance though that I longed to go to a prom it was also for the dress.

I always wanted a beautiful prom dress. something that made me look just like a princess.

I do have wedding photos of me in posh frocks and one ball I went to at university ( but I wore a bit of tight cocktail dress that I regretted a lot!) But I would have liked on prom photo to look back on.

My daughter had a prom at the end of her primary school. It was so lovely. The boys all dressed up really smartly. They wore little tuxedos or waistcoats and ties and oh they looked cute, The girls all absolutely went to town and there were an array of the most absolutely beautiful dresses. These came in such a range of style, long and classic, wide-skirted and regal and short and striking. They all looked (and felt) like a million dollars.

She will have another prom when she gets to 16. I am assuming this one will involve even more fabulous dresses, corsages and handsome admirers on their arms. She already cannot wait.

Oh, how I wish I had had this experience too but it is lovely to live it through her.



The hunt is on for how to find the perfect prom dress

We will have to hunt for the perfect prom dress. Won’t that be an absolute pleasure? Prom Dress Finder is going to be such a useful resource it has advice on every aspect of getting prom-ready. It gives advice on prom hair and shoes, prom makeup, prom transport and of course the most important thing of all…the prom dress.

Do you think there is some way I could sneak in and go too? I am sure no-one would notice especially if I wore something spectacular.

I hope you have found this post on how to find the perfect prom dress useful.


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