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How to find the right sofa for you

How to find the right sofa for you 

It can be tricky can’t it, trying to find the right sofa for you ?

My sofas are looking weary.

They were inexpensive in the first place and they have survived 5 years of kids, of spills and sticky hands, forgotten popcorn and felt tip. I feel a bit weary too! They are also bright red which I have loved but now grown quite tired of.

I keep thinking I want something more neutral and less squashy but will it fit with kids? will it go with our room?

Something like this would be my ideal…

cream sofahow to find the right sofa for you


Sofas come in such a myriad of shapes and sizes, colours and textures it is easy to get overwhelemed when sofa shopping.


How to find the right sofa for you

Here are a few tips to keep you focussed on the finding the sofa that is right for you



Measure, measure, measure!!  both your room and the sofa you are interested in I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to choose a sofa that fits comfortably into your room without being dwarfed by it or dominating it.  I once bought a lovely sofa, swayed by the price and colour, and ignoring the dimensions. it was way too big and really spoilt my lounge – a silly, ill considered and expensive mistake!



Oh I have to admit to another sofa failure on my part. I once bought a beautiful wine coloured sofa in a velour covering that I just loved. It wasn’t washable and I had a fur-ball of cat. oh it was a disaster. if you have kids you need removable covers …you just do!



According to my 8 year old you should probably avoiding white or cream sofas or  they may well show stains. Oh she is smart- but I love them!

A sofa is long life purchase so do find some thing that colour wise will go with a possible change in decor and not  to be too obtrusive.



As with colours anything to in your face may be annoying very quickly and anything too on trend may loses it shine. Do think long term about any pattern choices.



Even if you are looking for great value, great quality matters when it comes to your sofa. You are going to be using it a lot and wear and tear needs to be kept to a minimum. It really isn’t worth just going with the cheapest option.


Get a good price

Do shop around and get the best value deal you can, the more you can get for your money the better!


Love it

You are going to spend a long time on your sofa, relaxing, reading , watching movies and chatting, so take your time and buy a sofa you love. A sofa purchase is an investment in your home and you and it needs to be just right!



How to find the right sofa for you is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on how to get your favourite sofa into your new home

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