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How to Be Strong

How to be strong

When life gets really tough you can feel like you have no more strength left and you can wonder how on earth you are going to get through or if you are ever going to know how to be strong. At this time rather than just sit with your swirling emotions, you need a PLAN!

Or it really get ‘all too much’ and you can end up stuck in your unhappiness for far longer than is necessary, feeling less and less in control.

So what can you do to find strength when you are unwell or sad, broken-hearted or grieving or when you just feel in despair.




There is actually a LOT you can do.

How to be strong


Not all friends are the best at listening to your sorrows and helping you pick yourself up. Find those friends who understand your heart and have patience, sensitivity and great listening skills. Let them know you need them right now and let them be your rock.


Being Deeply Loved Gives You Strength; Loving Deeply Gives You Courage.


Good friends can let you cry, make you laugh and hold your hand. They are exactly what you need right now to be the strength you do not have and to remind you of your own strength.


how to be strong


How to be strong with Journalling

Writing down your story, your feelings, your worries and your thoughts can be hugely helpful and can give order and sense to the jumbled confusions of your heart. It can also help by allowing a huge outpouring of emotion. Bottling it up just does not help.

It really doesn’t somehow or other it will seep out if you do bottle it up – often in really unhealthy ways.


how to be strong



Exercise – How to be strong

Fresh air, distraction, a boost in serotonin – exercise can help a great deal with finding some joy again in life, giving you a break from your worries and shoring up some strength. Listening to music whilst you exercise or exercising with a friend can help you take your mind off things too.



Thinking outside the box

You might fancy giving something like numerology a try, having a good luck at your future, your present and your past and taking stock of who you are really can be useful. Maybe you could try working with a psychic or see a herbalist to find some strength. Maybe more traditional talking therapies will be useful to you in helping you find your strength?


Hope Is The Only Thing Stronger Than Fear.



Time is a great, great healer – it is true. Hard to believe right now I know when you are feeling so rubbish but this is a truism that all of who have hurt and healed do know. Patience is really hard when you are feeling so weak and you probably want a really quick fix but you know what sometimes all that works is time.



How to be strong with Self-care

Be kind to yourself in the meantime, treat yourself as if you were ill, lots of self-care can be really beneficial so baths, cat cuddles, early nights and a few lovely treats can help a lot.

I wish you light, love, blessings and lots of good friends as you begin to re-find your core and start back on your path to strength.

I know you can do this.

how to be strong


Has this post helped you learn how to be strong – I do hope so


I Am Not What Happened To Me. I Am What I Choose To Become.


How to be strong – over to you

How to be strong is a collaborative post – you might also find my posts on healthy living choices  and how to be more content to be useful. Do you have any tips on how to be strong that you might like to share. if so please drop me a comment below 

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