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How to get the house of your dreams

Today – How to get the house of your dreams

I have a dream house ( well I don’t actually have it yet.) But I have a dream house in my imagination that one day I am absolutely determined to bring into reality.

I also have a bit of a plan. I think in order to make any dream into a reality you have to have a plan and be prepared. It is the key to achieving your goals. One of my favourite ever quotes is

“You must not only aim right but draw the bow with all your might.” -Henry David Thoreau

I take that to mean you should have a clear vision of exactly what you want and then follow up by putting maximum effort and planning into achieving it.


So I know the theory of what I need to do but how do I make it happen? Well I think there are 3 things I need to have in place in order to achieve the house of my dreams

How to get the house of your dreams

How to get the house of your dreams

Crystallise my vision

I do a lot of looking at properties online. Properties that match my dream home, by the sea, lots of glass, open, airy, stylish definitely a garden. This enables me to really be clear in my mins about exactly what I am after. I also plan to create a vision board pulling together all the elements of what would make my dream home. I aim to display it somewhere prominent stare at it often and get that clear picture in my head, I need to want it badly and be very clear about what I amlookingg for in order to make it happen.


Have enough money

Having enough money to buy the home i want meas being mindful of my daving and my spending. I need to realistically assess what the home of my dreams would cost, look at the equity in this hourse and  work out how and when I will have enough money to buy the home I truly want.  Just knowing how much I need will enable me to put a financial plan into place and work harder and smarter towards my goals


Be able to move quickly

I have seen so many people lose the home of their dreams becuase they have got stuck in the home seling process. Being able to move quickly when the hourse you want comes on to the market is VITAL to you securing the property you want.  There are a few options here.

You could rent whilst you are searching so that you  do not have a house to sell (howver you will probably have to rent for 6 mnths to a year minimum so could end up out of pocket )


You coul dtake yourslef out the property chain completely and seell your home to a property buying complany like Quick Move Now and really sell your house fast ensuring you can snap up the house you want without delay.

Dreams really can come true when you have a plan in place!

Do you live in your dream house and have you ever made a quick move to get the home you wanted?


I hope you have enjoyed my post on  how to get the house of your dreams

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