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How to get to the Airport – 5 top tips

How do you get to the airport?
It can be tricky can’t it,  you have your luggage, possibly a few kids in tow and it is imperative you get there on time. There are a few good options when it comes to getting to the airport though – let’s take a look:

Asking a friend

If you are going to ask a friend to take you to the airport then you will be saving yourself a great deal of money and have some good company on your journey too.
Sure you can offer some petrol cash but there will be no parking fee and they are likely to be much cheaper than a taxi or a train. I would hesitate not to ask anyone other than a really reliable friend. Pick one who does not work a job where they are on call or who doesn’t have caring responsibilities. If a friend has to let you down you could end up stuck and it could impact your friendship as well as your trip.
How to get to the Airport

Parking at the airport

Have you heard of Parkos? If you are thinking of taking your car and parking at the airport Parkos is super helpful. It is a a is a comparing and booking platform for affordable and safe parking near airports in the UK.
They  been active in the Airport Parking market in Europe for over 5 years and are the market leader in multiple countries such as The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. They have just launched their services here in the UK. 
Parking before you travel can be very expensive and so helpfully Parkos enables you to book parking spaces at low prices at airports. Head over to Parkos.co.uk
 to explore the platform and see how easy it is to use, it could be just what you need. 


Getting the bus

If I was to walk about 1/2 a mile i could get a bus to my local airport. It is inexpensive and fairly frequent. The low cost is a plus but dragging my luggage  that half a mile then trying to get it on the bus? I would be a hot mess before my vacation even began so no thanks! 




Some airports have train stations that practically go the door and travelling by train can be really relaxing. There is a proviso though, if they are packed then luggage storage can be problematic. There is also the chance that a train could be cancelled or late (especially in the winter months) If I was to travel by train I would go super early just in case.



If you book an airport taxi expect it to cost – but it will drop you to the door, have space to store your luggage and, if you review it well beforehand, be reliable. The only problem with getting taxis is the waiting when you get back and the expense.


So there you go 5 top tips and a look at the pros and cons of how to get to the airport. Which mode of travel do you prefer? 


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