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How to get yourself motivated to work out

Today – How to get yourself motivated to work out

How to get yourself motivated to work out


How to get yourself motivated to work out – top tips

Do you have great intentions and aspirations but wonder constantly how to get yourself motivated to work out?


This used to be me – all the time.

I have however done a little research, dug a little deeper and now I find my motivation is just so much better.

Now I really seem to be embracing my workouts with a much better PMA.

Positive Mental Attitude.

Working out is a great way to improve our overall health and get into better physical shape. The problem is finding and keeping the motivation to workout can be a challenge that many struggles to overcome.


Finding your motivation

Find your reason for working out. This is so very important as a motivating factor. Your reason should be more than just to look nice or to lose weight. Often these are the reason we give ourselves to go and work out but are they deep enough? In the end, they probably aren’t enough to sustain long term motivation. Look for a deeper reason that will mean more to you than staying in bed when your alarm goes off to go to that fitness class you decided to try. For me, the motivation behind any workout is to be strong. I want to live for a long time and be strong and healthy and well so I am around for my kids for a long, long time.


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Find a workout you adore

To motivate yourself to get out of bed and work out and to keep doing it one of the keys is to find a workout you love. If you hate the workout you are doing you won’t feel motivated to do it. Instead, look for a workout that you love and want to do over and over again. A great way to do this is to find a sport that you enjoy so you have something to look forward to regularly and a reason to stick to corresponding training so you can succeed in the sport. You might love music and face paced movement and decide Zuma is for you..or you might love nature and long, beautiful walks in which case hiking might be more your kind of thing. Me? I like to swim, to do simple arm weights and to walk by water: canals, rivers and lakes.  I also love a little knock around at tennis. Keeping fitness fun and enjoyable is so crucial to the success of it!


Don’t exercise alone (well not always!)

A great way to get yourself motivated is to get a friend to join you. There’s nothing like knowing your best friend will be stuck in that fitness class alone if you don’t get out of bed and go. This is one of those situations in life where a little peer pressure can actually do some good. If you are the competitive type that can also be a great motivating factor with having a workout buddy though it’s a really good idea to keep things friendly. Sometimes however you might like to be alone to explore your own thoughts and ideas or actually just to have some peace and quiet and regain your zen. In my personal experience, a healthy mix of alone time and friend time create a nice balance.


Positive feedback is a great motivator

Reward yourself for your successes to help keep yourself going. When you reward yourself for hard work you give yourself the motivation to keep going when it gets hard so you can reach your overall goal. So what could your rewards be..hmmm? Not sugary snacks but how about time to watch a movie or a new magazine, or a half hour amble somewhere lovely with your camera?


Get good workout kit

Having a good workout kit doesn’t mean super expensive trendy gym clothes.  What matters are that your workout clothes are functional, they feet really well and move with you and that they allow your body to breathe. Shoes/trainers are important too so that your feet get the best support. The right clothes may sound superficial but are a good step on the quest of how to get yourself motivated to work out


Fitness Goals

You do not HAVE to have fitness goals of course – fitness can just be a simple part of your healthy living routine that you don’t track. |You may just have the overarching goal of being fit. However, for a lot of people measuring their fitness is a great motivator.


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