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Tips To Give Your Home A Stylish Rustic Look

Tips To Give Your Home A Stylish Rustic Look

If you’re looking to spruce up your home and give it a bit of a makeover, then why not consider a rustic look? You may think that rustic is a style you can only achieve in a country home, but it can easily be done in the country and city alike, and what’s more, it can usually be done with even the smallest of budgets.

Whether you want to make small changes or large, there is something that you can do to achieve this cosy and simplistic look. If you think that your home could use an injection of country, here are ten styling ideas and tips to help you achieve just that.


A Stylish Rustic Look


Tips To Give Your Home A Stylish Rustic Look

Wooden Plank Wall

These days, you don’t have to live in a log cabin in the forest to achieve a log cabin look. You simply have to have a wall or two covered in wood. All you need to do is pick which walls you want to change and add some wooden planks to them, covering the entire surface. These walls, preferably, should be important ones that people will focus on, like the wall behind your couch or the one behind your tv. This can be done relatively cheaply and easily but will make your home look incredibly on-trend, and can even add value to it.


Twig Candle Holders

This is an excellent option for people that want rustic accents in their home, but don’t necessarily want a rustic style home. This project is incredibly easy, and only requires a few twigs out of your garden, a hot glue gun, and whatever glass candle holders you already have lying around the house. Then, you simply break the twigs down to size and glue them to the outside of the candle holder. All you need to do now is pop and candle inside. You can usually get candle holders similar to this in stores, but why would you waste money when you can make them yourself?


Wooden Mantel

If you have a fireplace and want to go all out on the rustic notes in your home, then it’s time to switch out your brick or stone fireplace mantel for a wooden one. For this, you just need a few Tradoak oak beams. This is a little more difficult than your average candle holder, but it’s much more straightforward than most home projects and can make a huge difference to your home. Because you only need a few beams, it’s also relatively cheap, which is perfect for if you’re on a budget.


Tips To Give Your Home A Stylish Rustic Look

Wood Mug Hanger

If you haven’t got enough space in your cupboards for all of your mugs and coffee cups, or tend o lee your favourite ones out, then a mug hanger is always a good idea. However, why buy one from the store, when you can make your own rustic one from a few hooks and an old bit of wood. Because you only have to screw the hangers to the wood and hang it up, this takes no time at all, but really looks great in your kitchen.


Mason Jar Lamps – Tips To Give Your Home A Stylish Rustic Look

There are so many uses for mason jars, but my favourite is turning them into little lamps. To do this, you just need some mason jars, which you might already have lying around your home, and a few strings of fairy lights, which you can pick up cheaply from most shops. Then, you just put the lights in the jar, turn them on, and screw up the top. You can put these anywhere in your home, and they’ll definitely brighten the place up.


Tips To Give Your Home A Stylish Rustic Look

Barn Wood Mirror

Have a look around your home, and grab all of the mirrors you have placed about or hung up. If you want to give these a rustic look, you just have to affix some pieces of barn wood to the frame. If you want to go one step further, you could do this to the photos around your home too, by screwing some wood to their frames and adding burlap sack behind the pictures. These will look great no matter where they are in your home, and will undoubtedly achieve the rustic mood you’re after.


Tree Trunk Tables

If you have lots of little tables or cabinets down the side of your couches in your living room, now could be the time for a change. Replace these tables with a tree stump. They will work just as well as tables but will give your home a unique look, and achieve the rural style you wanted. You could even go the extra mile, and replace the coffee table in the centre of the room with a few tree trunks or stumps affixed together, or even get some oversized slices of wood, and lay them on top of some stumps.


Pallet Shelving

Pallets work really well as shelving, so it’s convenient that they’re pretty inexpensive and can be purchased from pretty much everywhere. You’ll need to put some work into turning the pallets into shelves and may want to stain them to match the colour scheme in your home, but once the work’s completed, you’ll have some impressive, one-of-a-kind shelving.


Twine Wrapped Handles

One of the easiest ways to add a rustic feel to your home is to go a bit crazy with twine. Twine is so cheap, so there’s no reason not to go all out with this one. If you wanted to give your kitchen some attention, then wrapping twine around the handles of your cupboards is a great way to freshen it up, and give your home a lovely rustic feel. To keep your twine secure, you just need to glue it to the handle. It really is that simple.

Adding some rustic elements to your home is sure to boost your home’s beauty and keep it on trend. It can even increase your home’s value, which is important if you plan to sell in the future. As you can see, there are so many ways to do this, so why not get started right away.

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  1. Lucy
    April 30, 2018 / 6:59 pm

    Love the idea of the tree trunks as side tables. I adore wood and the warmth it brings to a room. I have a particular soft spot for driftwood.

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