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How to Create a Comfortable Workspace

I work from home and it is so important for me to know how to create a comfortable workspace.

Mine has evolved over the years since I began working from home – 10 years now and I finally feel I have a space that works for me and feels good.

I also know that for a great number of my reader that working from home is something quite now and has arisen due to events this year that have made working from home increasingly common.

Whilst office working has returned there are still many more people working from home now more than ever and those people want to feel comfortable as they work  – after all, we spend around 8 hours a day at our desk!


a Comfortable Workspace


How to Create a Comfortable Workspace

So I am a going to tell you the things I think are key to knowing how to create a comfortable workspace and how you can make yours a happy stylish, safe and comfortable space to be.


High-Quality Office Furniture

High-quality office furniture is absolutely the main way to have a comfortable workspace.

Forget your cheap and cheerful furniture from a local office warehouse. You might think you are getting a bargain and one chair is much like another but nope that is not the case. You need furniture that has the following qualities:


  • Robust
  • Stylish
  • Practical
  • Comfortable
  • Ergonomic


A good desk is important – How to Create a Comfortable Workspace

A good desk is vital to your comfort. It needs to be the right height for you and big enough for you to have space to work. If you struggle with a bad back you may even want to explore the option of a standing desk.


a comfortable workplace


When I have had a desk that is too small I tended to end up working in a scrunched up heap which does absolutely nothing for my posture and joints.


Office chairs matter the most when you want to create comfortable workspace

Office chairs matter most in my opinion because you sit in them ALL day.  And even if I wasn’t working from home and choosing my own I would insist on a good quality chair. Your health and comfort depend on it.

Office chairs by ACTIU are just awesome and exactly what you need – their chairs are supportive, stylish, practical, comfortable and elegantly designed and top quality.

a comfortable workplace

ACTIU is a designer and manufacturer of a whole range of office furniture actually : chairs, desks, meeting chairs, storage, lounge seating, etc.



a comfortable workplace


Think about what you spent on your sofa? I absolutely guarantee you will spend more time in your office chair than on the sofa. It is worth the investment

Having the right furniture in comfortable workspace matters because you matter and because of your health matters.


Extras to make yours a comfortable workspace


You might also want these things in your workspace to make it comfy, practical and work well for you

  • Lush green plants
  • A plug in air scenter
  • A mini heater
  • A fan
  • A little footstool
  • A great noticeboard nearby
  • A wastepaper bin
  • A charging unit
  • A great supply of stationery
  • A printer
  • A quality PC with great speakers
  • Perhaps a well stocked fridge?


a comfortable workspace


Can you think of anything else?


How to create a comfortable workspace is a collaborative post


How to make a comfortable workspace


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 I do hope you enjoyed this post – I think it is so important to have a lovely workspace and I would really like to hear all about yours, please do drop me a line and tell me all about it – especilly how you make it comfortable. 

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